Official Notice


Date Title Name
2021-01-11 2021-22학년도 유럽지역 파견 복수학위 후보생 선발 0.1MB manager
2020-08-28 ZOOM Students Guide(학생용 Zoom 사용법 안내) 1.9MB adm-academic
2020-07-28 국제대학원 시설물 사용규정(SNU GSIS Facility_Rules and Regulations) 35.7KB manager
2017-04-12 타교 수학 안내(Taking Courses at Another Institution) 0.4MB adm-academic
2013-11-28 Application for BK International House 0.1MB adm-academic
2020-12-30 Request to refrain from the group activities and events involving 5 or more people adm-academic
2020-12-29 BK(Brain Korea) 21 FOUR program application(2021-1) 0.7MB manager
2020-12-28 Schedule of Grading, Fall of 2020 adm-academic
2020-12-28 서울대 국제학연구소 국제이주와 포용사회센터 연구보조원 모집공고 0.3MB manager
2020-12-28 How to Apply for Student ID Card (Incoming Student of Spring 2021) 0.2MB adm-academic
2020-12-28 Submission of Final Thesis 2.7MB adm-academic
2020-12-23 2021-2022 중국 정부초청장학생 선발 안내 0.5MB manager
2020-12-22 2021학년도 제3기 용운장학재단 해외유학(박사과정)장학생 선발 안내 0.1MB adm-academic
2020-12-22 2021학년도 한국장애인개발원 쌍용곰두리장학생 선발 안내 0.7MB adm-academic
2020-12-21 Final Resesarch Student Registration for Thesis Submission (Spring 2021) 2021학년도 1학기 학위논문제출기한 초과자 연구생 등록 신청 안내 26.2KB adm-academic
2020-12-18 Registration for Spring semester of 2021 (Registration, Return, Readmission, Leave of Absence) adm-academic
2020-12-16 Notice on Re-entry Permit System and Submission of Diagnosis for Re-entry into the ROK 0.3MB adm-academic
2020-12-15 2021년 홍제행복기숙사 입사생 선발 홍보 0.1MB adm-academic
2020-12-14 SNU COVID-19 Case Report (on December 14) adm-academic
2020-12-14 2020년도 서울대학교 교육수요자 만족도 조사 안내 (서울대 대학혁신센터 주관) adm-academic
2020-12-14 Submission of Result of Turnitin Program (Checking of Plagiarism for Thesis)_Applicants for Thesis Defense_(~January 25, 2021) 5.7KB adm-academic
2020-12-10 Course Evaluation For Fall 2020 (2020학년도 2학기 강의평가 실시 안내) 0.4MB adm-academic
2020-12-09 SNU GSIS- KOICA DCPP 행정조교 선발 0.3MB adm-academic
2020-12-07 학부 입학면접 시행에 따른 등교 자제 요청 (Restrictions due to the implementation of interviews (undergraduate applicants))) adm-academic
2020-12-07 McDonnell International Scholars Academy 장학프로그램 설명회 0.2MB adm-academic