History & Vision

Graduate School of International Studies

1989 Center for Area Studies

In February of 1989, Seoul National University (SNU) established the Center for Area Studies to foster research on region-specific issues and to respond to the increasing demand for global perspectives within Korea.

1997 School of International and Area Studies (SIAS)

In 1997, the Center for Area Studies expanded to become the School of International and Area Studies (SIAS). SIAS was launched as a joint course program, offering students an array of masters' degrees including economics, business administration, political science, art and law. At the same time, trade negotiations, international cooperation, area studies, and Korean studies were firmly established as major fields in SIAS.

2003 Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS)

On 1 March, 2003, the school expanded once again to become the Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS), the premier graduate school of international affairs and area studies in Korea. This history of institutional development reflects SNU's continual efforts to meet the demands of a dynamic world. Consistent with this mission, GSIS SNU has established itself as an institution that continues to meet the challenges of today, training the international experts of tomorrow.




GSIS SNU educates global leaders for an increasingly complex global society. As both a professional and academic institution, it seeks to prepare its students to assume leading roles in government and non-government organizations, international organizations, multinational corporations, the media, as well as think-tanks and universities. The curriculum is based on an integrated, multidisciplinary approach, which connects theory with practice.

With the most prominent faculty in Korea specializing in international commerce, international cooperation, international area studies, and Korean studies, GSIS SNU provides a truly exceptional research and educational environment.

The student body is composed of highly qualified graduate students from all around the world. As a source of knowledge and skills, GSIS SNU will continue to promote mutual understanding, peace, and prosperity, both regionally and globally.