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Dean's Message


Welcome to the Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS), Seoul National University (SNU)!

My name is Park Tae Gyun, the Dean of GSIS, SNU. 

Since its establishment in 1997, GSIS has been cultivating global leaders who can take on the challenges presented by the increasingly complex global society. With distinguished faculty members who are renowned scholars in their fields, in Korea and abroad, GSIS offers unique and outstanding curricula that bring together different disciplines and area studies with concentrations in International Commerce, International Cooperation, International Area Studies, and Korean Studies.

GSIS is a truly international institution, not only in its reputation and curriculum, but also in its composition. As of September 1, 2020, 125 Korean Students and 156 international students from 59 countries are currently enrolled at GSIS. We encourage our students to share the ambitious perspectives they hold from their diverse backgrounds in their studies and to transcend the limits of national and cultural borders. Another important focus of GSIS is to open various opportunities for students to gain further global experience. With the global competence they acquired at GSIS, GSIS alumni are making their mark in the world, in the academia as well as the public and private sectors, as the future leaders of global society. I would like to introduce a new word, “Glocally,” which is composition of ‘locally’ and ‘globally.’ While you are now standing in the local, you have to think and act globally at GSIS for getting global citizenship. 

In that sense, it is my great honor and pleasure to introduce our launching of the BK 21 program since this semester. The program is to train graduate students to become leading academic scholars and field experts with the generous financial support of the National Research Foundation of Korea. With great faculty and staff members at GSIS, we will do our best for you to achieve academic and career goals. And you can and have to cross over the border of programs to acquire real knowledge and information to be a future pioneer with BK program, which will provide academic resources and scholarships. In addition, diverse exchange programs including the Campus Asia Program with University of Tokyo and Peking University and academic conferences held by the Institute of International Studies and the Institute for Japanese Studies will give a wonderful opportunity for students to improve their academic capacities. 

It is truly unfortunate that I cannot meet and greet you all in person. The COVID-19 Pandemic has certainly affected our daily lives. 

In spite of uncertainty and disruption in the era of COVID-19, GSIS will not be disturbed and is going to sail for her goal to be a top leading school in the field of international studies. Please join our sailing for the future together. 

Best wishes for your health and success!

Thank you.


September 1, 2020


Tae Gyun Park

Dean of GSIS, SNU