Official Notice


Date Title Name
2020-08-28 ZOOM Students Guide(학생용 Zoom 사용법 안내) 1.9MB adm-academic
2020-08-26 [Updated] GSIS Class Operation in Fall 2020(2020학년도 2학기 국제대학원 수업 운영 안내) adm-academic
2020-07-28 국제대학원 시설물 사용규정(SNU GSIS Facility_Rules and Regulations) 35.7KB manager
2020-07-27 Course Registration, Modification, Withdrawal for Fall 2020 (2020학년도 2학기 수강신청, 변경 및 취소 안내) 4.8MB adm-academic
2020-07-23 2020학년도 2학기 교내 근로장학 신청 안내 adm-academic
2017-04-12 타교 수학 안내(Taking Courses at Another Institution) 0.4MB adm-academic
2013-11-28 Application for BK International House 0.1MB adm-academic
2020-09-25 Absentee of Qualifying Exam (on September 25) adm-academic
2020-09-24 Absentee of Qualifying Exam (on September 24) adm-academic
2020-09-24 [Schedule] Korean Oral Test for Qualifying Exam, Fall 2020 adm-academic
2020-09-23 [서울대학교 국제대학원]온라인 입시설명회 개최<2020년 9월 28일(월), 오후 12시> manager
2020-09-21 A Call for Relief Scholarship in the Third Quarter, 2020(2020학년도 3/4분기 긴급구호장학생 선발 알림) 12.8KB adm-academic
2020-09-21 2020학년도 2학기 대학원 교과학점 통산인정 신청 안내(Course Credit Recognition for Doctoral Program) 0.1MB adm-academic
2020-09-21 Application for earned from other graduate school prior to admission 13.9KB adm-academic
2020-09-16 SNU COVID-19 Case Report adm-academic
2020-09-16 Online courses on Research Ethics (For Students who entered 2020) 2.6MB adm-academic
2020-09-16 2020학년도 신입생(1학기, 2학기) 연구윤리 교육 수강 0.5MB adm-academic
2020-09-16 Last Tuition Fee Payment for Fall semester of 2020 (Sep.22 ~ Sep.24) adm-academic
2020-09-16 2020 주한 중국대사 장학금 신청 안내 11.1KB adm-academic
2020-09-14 룩셈부르크소득연구 자료 활용 현황조사 (Survey on the Utilization of the LIS DB) 13.8KB adm-academic
2020-09-11 수험번호(Examinee Number) adm-academic
2020-09-11 Siheung Campus Housing Application Guide for Graduate Students 0.4MB adm-academic
2020-09-09 Schedule & Answer Sheet & Information for Qualifying Exam, Fall Semester of 2020 (Revised) 7.1KB adm-academic
2020-09-09 석박사 논문제출자격시험 한국어 및 외국어시험 안내 (Korean & 2nd Language Schedule of Qualifying Exam, Fall Semester of 2020) 20.6KB adm-academic
2020-09-09 서울대 국제이주와 포용사회센터 연구보조원 모집 공고 manager
2020-09-09 Academic Advisory professors, Fall semester of 2020 adm-academic
2020-09-07 시흥캠퍼스 주택 신청 안내 1.1MB adm-academic