Student Roundtables


At the weekly Round Tables, GSIS students get together and share opinions on current affairs surrounding the region of their interest. Through weekly discussions on regional issues, students have ample opportunity to learn more about the regions and to prepare themselves as international specialists. There are currently seven Regional Round Tables at GSIS, each focusing on developing countries, the EU, the U.S., Japan, Latin America, China, FTA, and Korea, respectively. GSIS students are welcomed to join any of the regional Round Tables of their choice.


Chinese Round Table

Under the guidance of Prof. Young-Nam Cho, around 20 students gather every week to discuss every aspect of China; Chinese politics, economy, society, culture and arts. The Chinese Round Table aims to improve the participants’ understanding of China by talking about current issues as well as increasing their Chinese language capability by having discussions in Chinese.

- The Chinese Round Table meets every Thursday 12:30-14:00. (The schedule is subject to change.)
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Developing Countries Round Table

Sponsored by KOICA, the Developing Countries Round Table provides opportunities to discuss developmental issues with students from the MIDP who have practical experience. At the Developing Countries Round Table, students aim to find solutions to issues concerning economic development in developing countries. By sharing the insights of students majoring in Development Cooperation Policy, participants can take each country’s unique development history and policy as well as the local situations in consideration. Everyone interested in development can join.

- Developing Countries Round Table meets every Monday 11:50-12:50. (The schedule is subject to change.)
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European Round Table

The goal of the European Round Table is to bring together Europeans and non-Europeans and to exchange ideas about various Europe-related topics. Participants of the European Round table give press reviews with video materials, and presentations about the European regions of their interests. The presentations are followed by lively debates among students who have varying knowledge about Europe. The atmosphere is casual and the students are free to choose their topics of their interest.

- The European Round Table meets every Thursday 12:00-13:00. (The schedule is subject to change.)
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FTA Round Table

Under the guidance of Professor Ahn, Dukgeun and sponsored by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Round Table provides an opportunity to discuss issues related to International Trade and the World Trading System. Participants of the FTA Round Table will give presentations on any topics of interest, which are followed by an open-discussion. The main purpose is to share and broaden academic knowledge among young FTA-potentials. In order to participate in the Round Table, students must be enrolled in the FTA Commerce & Strategy Program.

-  The FTA Round Table meets once a month (Wednesday) from 12:30 to 13:40 (The schedule is subject to change).
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Japanese Round Table

Sponsored by the Institute for Japanese Studies, around 15 students gather every week at the Japanese Round Table to discuss issues on Japan’s politics, economy, society, culture, arts and more. Students give presentations on such issues, which are followed by free discussions. The main goal of the Japanese Round Table is to enhance the understanding of Japan by sharing ideas about important current issues in Japan. The Japanese Round Table is conducted in Japanese, which also makes it an excellent opportunity for students to improve their grasp in the Japanese language.

- The Japanese Round Table meets every Monday 12:00-13:30. (The schedule is subject to change.)
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Korean Round Table

The Korean Round Table aims to stimulate students to share knowledge of the Korean culture, history, economy and society, as well as the current issues in Korea. Participants from many different parts of the world gather weekly to look into problems in the contemporary Korean society and relate them with issues in their own countries. The Korean Round Table welcomes all students who wish to have lively discussions on Korea.

- The Korean Round Table meets every Thursday 12:30-13:30. (The schedule is subject to change.)
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Latin American Round Table

The Latin table deals with various issues regarding Latin America, under the guidance of Prof. Chong-sup Kim. The official language of the Latin Round Table is Spanish. The Latin Round Table, therefore, consists of not only GSIS students, but also students from diverse backgrounds such as Latin American public officials majoring in Development Cooperation Policy and students from other departments in SNU who are fluent in Spanish. Students have group presentations to share and compare their different perspectives. The Latin American Round Table is sponsored by KIEP.

- The Latin American Table meets every Wednesday 12:30-13:30. (The schedule is subject to change.)
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The U.S. Round Table

Sponsored by KIEP and under the guidance of Prof. Chong-sup Kim, the U.S. Round Table encourages students to have lively discussions on U.S.-related issues. The topics vary from the U.S. economy and politics to social and cultural issues. The U.S. Round Table is a good opportunity to share different views on the U.S. with students from various backgrounds.

- The U.S. Round Table meets every Wednesday 12:00-13:00. (The schedule is subject to change.)
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Global Order in the Digital Age Round Table

The "Global Order in the Digital Age" roundtable provides opportunity to discuss contemporary global order by focusing on issues related to technology and cyber space, such as digital diplomacy, cyber-security, artificial intelligence and the future of warfare, AI ethics, strategic technology supply chains, and digital trade and finance. Participating students discuss recent developments, and present on their topics of interests, as well as their thesis and other research projects. Presentations are followed by discussion and debate. The roundtable is open to students of all backgrounds and levels of expertise. The goal of the roundtable is to bring together students with matching research interests and provide a space to learn about the impact of technological developments on international affairs. The roundtable is supported by Professor Erik Mobrand.

- The Global Order in the Digital Age Round Table meets on Mondays at 12:30-1:45pm on a bi-weekly basis. (The schedule is subject to change.)
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