Upcoming Events


Event Date Title Name
2017-09-25 매일경제신문사 세계지식포럼 행사 개최 0.3MB manager
2017-09-24 [KF Global Academy] 2017 KF 기획전 연계 강좌 2.7MB manager
2017-09-21 동문과의 대화(컴퓨터공학부 전강훈 동문/ 미국 실리콘밸리 진출) adm-academic
2017-09-29 [한국수출입은행] 기획재정부-미주개발은행(IDB) 공동주최 채용설명회(IDB Job Fair) 참가자 모집 0.3MB manager
2017-09-21 제21차 한중남미비즈니스포럼 manager
2017.9.28 CJ 문화재단 주최, 외국인 학생 대상 영화상영 안내 (Invitation : Special Screening on September 28th, 2017) adm-academic
2017-09-15 2017년 제3회 모의 아프리카연합 회의 admin
2017-09-25 Economic Reform and Growth in Korea: Where to find the Sequence? DL admin
2017-09-14 European Identity and Politics on the Verge of the Refugee Crisis adm-pr
2017-10-31 동아시아 평화연합 형성 청년 논문 현상 공모 1.4MB admin
2017-09-21 Korea Africa Youth Forum admin
9월 25일~30일 2017 한·일·중 3국 청년 모의정상회의 14.5KB admin
2017-09-14 Public Management for International Development DL admin
2017-08-29 2017 International Conference on Humanitarian and Development Assistance to DPRK 2.8MB DL admin
2017-08-18 Implementing International Treaties in the Domestic Legal System and Its WTO Implications DL admin
2017-06-21 Beyond Confrontation, Toward Co-Existence: The Current Status of East Asian Disputes and Strategies for Peace DL admin
2017-06-08 Changing Global Environment Development and the Direction of Korea's ODA Policies DL admin
2017-06-07 Professor Bark Tae-Ho's Retirement Memorial Lecture 11.7MB jayoo
2017-05-29 The Evolution of China-US Relations and Its Implications for the Korean Peninsula DL admin
2017-05-25 Issues & Perspectives Seminar 9.2MB DL admin