Upcoming Events


Event Date Title Name
2018-06-05 [외교부] 2018 쿠바 정책 세미나 gsis-staff
2018-05-29 39th Int'l Development Policy Seminar 0.2MB manager
2018-06-01 정기학술대회 Foreign Policy and Development Cooperation Conference gsis-staff
2018-06-01 HFSP 설명회 및 간담회 gsis-staff
2018-06-08 2018 International Model UN Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review gsis-staff
2018-06-05 한독 주니어 포럼 신청 안내 gsis-staff
2018-05-25 MERCOSUR-KOREA Business Forum (5.25) gsis-staff
2018-05-31 [아메리칸센터 초청: 일본/미국 교환학생 모집] 렛츠 토크 시리즈 (한미일 학생간의 대화) “U.S.-ROK-Japan Youth Dialogue, Global Youth Service Day, and Volunteerism” gsis-staff
2018-05-30 [EU Centre] Special Lecture: EU and Northeast Asia / Dr. Ramon Pacheco Pardo gsis-staff
2018-06-10 [서울대 보건환경연구소] 인포그래픽 공모전 33.2KB gsis-staff
2018-05-24 [College of Education] Recent History of International Development and Education Policy of Korea: Researcher’s Memory (Since the mid-2000s) adm-pr
2018-06-08 [한-아세안센터] 관광투자세미나 gsis-staff
2018-05-24 [아메리칸센터 초청장] 대사관 청년포럼 청중모집 (Embassy Youth Forum) 5/24 gsis-staff
2018-06-04 [SEMU-YEOL LECTURE] 2018 June Why North Korea is not a “communist” country, or the unnoticed birth of North Korean capitalism gsis-staff
2018-05-26 국민외교 강좌 안내문 gsis-staff
2018-05-24 사람이 꽃피는 발전의 길 gsis-staff
2018-05-15 [U.S Foreign Policy] GSIS - CSIS Seminar DL adm-academic
2018-05-22 [KOAFEC] Development Indaba gsis-staff
2018-05-21 [KOTRA] 2018 국제기구 채용설명회 gsis-staff
2018-05-22 [주한미국대사관] Let's talk Series; U.S. Security Strategy for the Korean Peninsula gsis-staff