Upcoming Events


Event Date Title Name
2018-03-28 [Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Korea] Policies of the Moon Jae-In Administration- Especially Fair Trade, Labor and Tax gsis-staff
2018-03-30 The Jangmadang Generation Movie Screening and GV gsis-staff
2018-03-21 [OECD KPC] APG Forum on Multi-level Governance and Decentralisation gsis-staff
2018-08-01 [United Nations Conference Centre] 9th University Scholars Leadership Symposium 1.2MB gsis-staff
2018-03-22 [주한미국대사관] English Lounge Series 0.4MB gsis-staff
2018-03-19 Issues and Perspectives Seminar gsis-staff
2018-03-08 [대한상공회의소] '한국-태평양동맹 경제협력 시대의 개막(Korea and the Pacific Alliance)' 컨퍼런스 gsis-staff
2018-03-23 [주한스웨덴대사관] 2018년도 제 1회 스웨덴 석사유학 설명회 및 토크 콘서트 1.4MB gsis-staff
2018-03-20 [한국고등교육재단] 시카고대 John Mearsheimer 교수 특별강연 gsis-staff
2018-03-16 [Carnegie Council] Asia Dialogues Program gsis-staff
2018-03-26 Peace on the Korean Peninsula in a Changing International Order DL gsis-staff
2018-03-19 [KDI School] Seminar on SDGs and Development Policy 0.4MB gsis-staff
2018-03-23 [외교부 국립외교원]- 국제기구 관련- 제19차 IFANS Talks 강연회 gsis-staff
2018-03-19 SSK 인권포럼 워크샵 "Spatial Dynamics of Human Rights Activism" gsis-staff
2018-03-14 남북사회통합교육원 수강생 모집안내 gsis-staff
2018-03-07 2018 Fair Player Club Summit & 반부패 서약 선포식 DL adm-academic
2018-02-28 서울대학교 아시아연구소 전문가 간담회 gsis-staff
2018-02-27 [한국고등교육재단] 한반도 안보 특별세션 gsis-staff
2018-10-22 Call for Applications for Manila, Philippines, Fact-Finding Trip, October 2018, Deadline March 16 0.3MB gsis-staff
2018-04-06 Model-WHO 2018 5.4MB DL adm-pr