Upcoming Events


Event Date Title Name
2017-05-02 Inequality, Education and Health: Theory and Empirical Evidence DL admin
2017-04-13 한국의 GATT 가입 50주년 기념 포럼 DL admin
2017-04-12 The Economic Consequences of President Trump DL admin
2017-04-18 Development Partnership and Project Outcome: Evidence from World Bank Project DL admin
2017-04-13 Challenges to the Rule-Based International Order-Opportunities for ROK-Australia Cooperation DL admin
2017-04-10 격변기의 동아시아와 한국외교 DL admin
2017-03-28 Understanding Korea''s ODA Policy and Framework admin
2017-03-15 Digital Performance Marketer-ECHO Marketing Recruitment DL admin
2017-02-17 소프트 파워로서 한국학의 과거와 현재, 그리고 미래 DL admin
2016-11-29 "Silver Tsunami" in Japan and Korea-Impact of Aging Demography on Economy DL admin
2016-11-24 Sustainable Development and Environment DL admin
2016-11-23 Recent Development in EU Trade Remedies Law & Practice & Brexit DL admin
2016-11-17 Skills Training by SMEs: The Case of Korea DL admin
2016-11-25 세계통상체제의 위기와 과제 DL admin
2016-12-02 DCPP Evaluation Conference: Effective Development Cooperation on Higher Education 19.7KB DL admin
2016-11-21 The Decision of the British People to Leave the EU and the Implications of Future British Foreign Policy DL admin
2016-11-23 2016 지속가능혁신 세미나 0.5MB DL admin
2016-10-27 Overview of Development Finance Statistics DL admin
2016-10-28 The U.S.-ROK Alliance's Response to the Challenges Presented by the DPRK DL admin
2016-09-28 SNU-TUBINGEN Dual Master Program Information Session 2.9MB DL admin