Academic Requirements

Master's & Doctoral Programs

Requirements and Procedure

Subject Tests
Students must have been enrolled for a minimum of two semesters and earned at least 12 credits.

Language Tests
Language tests may be taken at any time while the student is enrolled at GSIS.

Application forms for the qualifying examinations are due at the beginning of each semester.

Exam Subjects


 Foreign Language

Major Subjects


 1st Foreign Language

2nd Foreign Language





 Students must meet the test score requirements for
English and a second foreign langugae.





Foreign Language Requirements (as of 2017 students)



1st Foreign Language

2nd Foreign Language

Master’s program


  Choose one of the following;

  German, French, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Japanese


  *Chinese Character (for Korean major student)

① For international students and Korean nationals residing abroad can choose one from above including Korean.  The students can not choose their mother tongue. (It is compulsory for both, international students and Korean students from non-English speaking countries to take English).


② International students and Korean nationals residing abroad, who are majoring Korean studies, and
     DCPP students are required to take Korean instead of English.

Doctoral program


Not required

 -  International students from Non-English speaking regions (students with  International Area Studies major
    and  Korean Studies minor) can choose Korean language instead of English.

 -  For international students who are from English speaking regions must choose one language  from German,  French, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese character, and Korean.

  • Students who earn at least 3 credits in foreign language courses after enrolling in GSIS and receive a B0 or higher may be exempt from taking that language test on their qualifying examinations. (Note: Students who take foreign language courses during their study abroad programs may be exempt from taking the test on their qualifying examinations, but will not be able to transfer their credits for the courses.)
  • Students who have passed SNULT Level 3 or higher are exempt from the second foreign language requirement.
  • Students who take courses in French or German and receive a C- or higher are exempt from taking the respective language tests on their qualifying examinations.
  • To meet the Korean language requirement, international students must score  60 points or higher on the Korean language test. However, students who receive  'S'  in “Korean Language & Culture 1” or “Korean Language & Korean Culture 2” courses are exempt from taking the Korean language test.
  • Korean Examination:  Students can take Korean written examination (students who fail written examination once or more may take oral examination).
  • Students of Development Cooperation Policy Program can select Korean language for their qualifying examinations.
  • Students may submit a language test score (taken within last two years) to meet their foreign language requirement.  Langauge tests recognized by GSIS are mentioned under:
  •  Students who use English as an official language are regarded as English speakers.. 
  • Language courses credits for qualifying examination will not  be included in official credit.

Language Tests Recognized by GSIS

Language Tests Recognized by GSIS
Language Test name Level Organization
German ZD(low) Over ZD Goethe-Institut
Test Daf
French DELF Over A2 French Government
Chinese HSK (舊)Over level 6 
(新)Over level 5
Chinese Government
CPT Over 600 points
Spanish DELE Over beginner's level Centro Cultural Español
Japanese JPT Over 600 points International Communication Foundation (ICF)
JLPT Over N2 Japan Foundation
JTRA Over level 2 JTRA
Russian TORFL Basic level or higher TORFL Korean Center

English Proficiency Requirements

English Proficiency Requirements
Degree Program (Major) Minimum Score Requirement
MIS International Commerce TEPS: 751
International Cooperation
International Area Studies TEPS: 701
Korean Studies
DIS International Studies TEPS: 751

* Only IBT TOEFL scores or TEPS scores (within 2 years) are available (not CBT/PBT TOEFL scores).

Major Subjects of Qualifying Examination (as of 2017 students)

Major Subjects of Qualifying Examination
Degree Program (Major) Subject Notes
Mandatory Elective (select 1)
MIS International Commerce International Economic Relations International Cooperation
International Business Relations
Understanding the East Asia
One of the following subjects may be taken as an alternative to Understanding the East Asia:
- Contemporary World Politics
- International Trade Issues in Comparative Perspective
- Studies in Regional Monetary and Financial Integration
International Cooperation International Cooperation International Economic Relations
International Law
Understanding the East Asia
Select 2
International Area Studies
Understanding The East Asia International Economics
International Cooperation

Korean Studies
International Student (select 2)
Korean Society
Korean History
Politics in Global Korea
Korean Student Modern Korean History and Society
Modernization and Transformation of Korea Society
Int. Development Cooperation Policy
Studies of International Development Cooperation Policy and System International
(Select 1) Economic Relations/ International Cooperation