FTA Commerce & Strategy Seminar Series 1: The Experience Working in the World Bank Group

On March 22th, 2017, Ha Youn Kim, World Bank Group’s Consultant in Education and Global Practice, gave a lecture to the students in the FTA Commerce and Strategy program about “Chasing The Dream: The Experience Working In The World Bank Group.” Consultant Kim gave a presentation regarding her role and work experience as well as the structure of World Bank Group. Consultant Kim also mentioned about her career path and application process to international institutions. At the end of the session, she also answered the questions from the participating students about the working environment at World Bank Group.

Another Library Orientation to be Held on March 20th

The International Library held an orientation on “How to use the Library“ on March 13, 2017. The event was planned by GSIS Student Council, and conducted by the International Library’s Sangmi Yang. The orientation began by introducing the libraries on the campus and explained how to search for materials, use e-resources, search for data, and make use of other services provided by the various libraries. The orientation was focused on educating students on how to make full use of the library material. The same presentation in English will be provided to English-speaking students at 1:00~2:30 p.m., on March 20th(Monday), in room 201, Bldg. 140-1 [computer room]. The International Library will continue to provide training to students in need throughout the semester.

GSIS Student Orientation in Spring-2017 Semester

Thursday, March 2 marked the first day of the academic year at SNU GSIS. For most students at GSIS, the day meant a return to the familiar routines of academic life. To assuage these potential fears and make new students feel welcome, GSIS traditionally holds an orientation session. This year was no exception, as dozens of new students filled the seats of Socheon Hall. Dean of SNU GSIS, Dr. Park, Cheol-hee, began the event by introducing faculty and members of staff as well as explaining what, in his view, makes SNU GSIS so special. Next, the Dean shared several tips on how to succeed at GSIS and urged students to always be respectful of other opinions they might encounter. Finally, he congratulated new students on becoming members of GSIS. Heartened by these words, new students are making a confident start to their first semester at SNU GSIS.

The 37th Commencement of GSIS, SNU

The 37th Commencement of Graduate School of International Studies, Seoul National University was held on February 24, 2017. Fifty four (54) Masters students in International Studies graduated, including 20 foreign students from 16 different countries. Prof. Cheol Hee Park, Dean of GSIS, congratulated the students for fulfilling the requirements and obtaining their degrees. The dean made congratulatory remarks and shared a few guiding principles for future success, introducing these principles through a new take on the GSIS acronym. G stands for ‘global mind’, S for ‘social awareness’, I for ‘integrity’, and S for ‘sacrifice’. The dean emphasized that as upcoming leaders of society, students must make sacrifices and dedicate themselves to the community. Lastly, he urged the graduating class to embrace those in need and establish trust. With the dean's remarks in mind, the students boldly embark on the next step of life's journey.

Delegation from GSICS, Kobe Univ. visits GSIS, SNU

The delegation of GSICS(Graduate School of Int. Cooperation Studies) from Kobe University visited GSIS, SNU on March 7th, 2017. Five (5) staff and faculty members from GSICS, headed by associate professor Yoshiko KOISHI had meeting with Prof. Cheol Hee PARK, dean of GSIS and Prof. Taekyoon KIM, associate dean of GSIS and Ms. Se Heui YOON from Office of International Cooperation, GSIS. GSIS of SNU and GSICS of KBU discussed over the renewal of the agreement and the point of receiving the exchange program students. They also discussed about bilateral future cooperation and exchanged views on the CAMPUS Asia Program.

Orientation for the FTA Commerce & Strategy Program

FTA Commerce & Strategy Program has hosted an orientation for Spring-2017 semester on March 13 at GL Room. Due to the absence of Professor Dukgeun Ahn who is in charge of the Program, Jeongjoon Park, the program coordinator, gave a welcoming speech for all the participating students. He also gave a presentation about the information of the program and the overall schedule for this semester. At the end of the session, the students’ questions were responded.