TPP Negotiation: History, Negotiation Dynamics and Prospect

On April 27, 2015, Dr. Deborah Elms, the Executive Director of the Asian Trade Center in Singapore, gave a lecture on the topic of “Origins, Evolution and Current Status of TPP Negotiations.” As the bilateral negotiation between the US and Japan is known to be agreed and the TPP negotiation is imminently heading to a conclusion, this lecture timely served the students’ interests in such a proper way. Dr. Elms provided well-arranged and extensive explanations on the details of TPP history, agreed draft contents, and prospects. As TPP was often mystified due to tight control of information, students were eager to engage in the discussions on this allegedly new “21st century high quality” agreement.

The Opening Ceremony of CHAMP

Seoul National University has opened CHAMP at GSIS. CHAMP is Global Leaders Program to produce outstanding experts on China. Opening Ceremony for CHAMP was held in the evening of April 7th at the International Conference Hall of GSIS. The program aims to educate the Korean high level officials. As China has grown rapidly as country with USD 10 trillion market economically, relationship between Korea and China in politics, economy, society, culture have upgraded as a whole range of cooperative stage. Social perception of high level government officials on China needs to be changed.

FTA Special Lecture Series: Faces of Korea’s Manufacturing

On April 16, 2015, Dr. Tcha, Moonjoong from KDI gave a lecture on the topic of “Faces of Korea’s Manufacturing ? Overview”. Dr. Tcha provided a constructive overview on the history of Korean industrial policy and analyzed current trends and future prospects of Korean manufacturing industry in relation to high integration of GVCs and the rise of service sector. Through a value-added approach and employment share approach of understanding the manufacturing sector in terms of exports, productivity, and GDP contribution, he emphasized a need for structural reform in the Korean industry sector in order to combat non-convergence trap problem, while facing continuous slowdown of Korea’s economic growth.

2015 Academic Symposium for Emerging Scholars

On April 17, 2015, Symposium for Emerging Scholars hosted by the International Society of Fair Trade (ISFT) took place at the International Conference Hall. Many young and eager scholars who received prizes last year for their excellent thesis were given opportunities to make presentations about their research to experts and fellow scholars. There were two groups from SNU GSIS taking part JiYeong Yoo, and Dongchul Kwak and Minju Kim. They presented about WTO countervailing duties in conjunction with preexisting WTO laws, and also about the effects of exchange rates on anti-dumping investigation processes, respectively. Other topics included economic effects that existing FTAs have on new FTAs and trade patterns between Korea and different parts of China.

Did China Tire Safeguard Save U.S. Workers?

On March 26, 2015, Dr. Chung, Sunghoon from KDI presented his research article titled “Did China Tire Safeguard Save U.S. Workers?” In his co-written article, Dr. Chung examined whether the US special safeguard measure on tires exported from China actually had a positive impact on protecting the US labor market by using econometric models. His article provided an interesting policy implication on the impact of enforcing trade remedy measures under the objective of protecting the domestic industry against the surge of foreign imports.

2015 GSIS Annual Symposium

The GSIS Annual Symposium was held on March 30, 2015 at the International Conference Hall of SNU GSIS. Professors from GSIS discussed political and economic prospects for the era of global changes. The symposium was divided into two sessions: "Political Prospects of East Asia under the New Normal" and "New Paradigms for the Global Economic System".

Opening Ceremony of the Yulchon-GSIS Center for

On March 11, 2015, the opening ceremony of the Yulchon-GSIS Center for Emerging Economies was held at the GL Room of the Graduate School of International Studies. The Yulchon-GSIS Center for Emerging Economies aims to be at the helm of Korean scholarship on the economic, political, and commercial environment of emerging economies through intensive site-centered investigation and research. Moreover, as for its contribution towards the future, the Yulchon-GSIS center will foster scholars from emerging economies by providing the highest quality of educational and research opportunities.

SNU-GSIS signed a MOU with Korea-Africa Future Strategy Center

The MOU was signed between Korea-Africa Exchange Association Chairman, Mr. Jay Yang and the Dean of GSIS, Professor Chong-Sup Kim on March 10, 2015. The agreement is designed to advance increased cooperation between the two institutions in their efforts to promote better understandings on African countries. As part of this agreement, GSIS will host “Africa Round Table” with support of the Center, starting this March, aiming for better understanding politics, economy and culture/society of African countries. All GSIS students are welcome to join the session.

MOU signed with Doosan Infracore

On March 18, 2015, GSIS has signed an MOU with Doosan Infracore at Doosan Tower. Since last year, Doosan Infracore and GSIS have established a public-private partnership for the purpose of constructing close network in developing countries as Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan and more. Based on the networking process, the MOU expects to establish strategic CSR tactics for business opportunities in the context of development policies.