GSIS Public Lecture - History Wars in Asia: What can be done?

On Friday, October 24, 2014 professor of sociology at Standford University, Gi-Wook SHIN gave lectures on ‘History Wars in Asia: What can be done?’ as the public lecture for Asia and the World Program, which is sponsored by the Toyota Motor, Korea Co. Prof. Gi-Wook SHIN is professor of sociology and a senior fellow of the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies at Standford University. He has been the director of the Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center at Standford University since 2005, and is also the founding director of its Korea Program. As a comparative and political sociologist, his research has concentrated on nationalism, development, and international relations.

GSIS Special Sympoium - “U.S. Attitudes towards Korea: Growing Support for a Solid Relationship”

The findings of the 2014 Chicago Council Survey of American public opinion and US foreign policy were first revealed last Wednesday, October 29th 2014 at Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS), Seoul National University. The forum was co-hosted by Korea Foundation and The Chicago Council on Global Affairs (CCGA). The most of the Americans continue to favor the use of diplomacy over military options vis-?-vis North Korea. Also, as for the American attitudes towards in dealing with the rise of China, two in three Americans tend to support a friendly cooperation and engagement with China. The forum was a great opportunity to encourage interactions and intellectual exchanges between academics, professionals and students.

South Korea Development Actors in Africa: Promoting Rural Development and Participation?

The 14th International Development Policy Seminar was held on October 22, 2014. Professor Wiebe Nauta from Maastsricht University, the Netherlands was invited as the special lecturer. The aim of this seminar was to first, look into the various kinds of economic development policies through the actual case studies and find out which ways of development policies are enacted recently. Second, to introduce the Korean organizations which promote the economic development in Africa and to discuss over what kinds of actual roles these organizations are playing.

The 1st SNU Global PPP Forum

The 1st SNU Global PPP Forum was held on October 2, 2014. The list of participants included representatives from both public and private sectors to guarantee inclusiveness and fruitful contributions to the forum as a whole. The forum sought to further strengthen the triangular partnership among governments, private enterprises and academia by providing a platform for enriched dialogues on PPP in development cooperation context, particularly in the areas of infrastructure, CSR, education and science and technology. Four teams were awarded with prizes in recognition for their excellence in the 1st SNU Global PPP Forum Essay Competition: Guillaume Gabriel Darier, Craig LaTouche, Gizachew Balew Jembere, Shibiru Ayalew Melesse, Jiwoong Ahn, and Ha-Neul Park.


As part of the GLIMPSE (Global Leaders in Management and Policy in South Korea and Europe) program, an international conference was held by the EU Centre at GSIS under the title "Coping with Regional Conflicts in Asia and in Europe: Achievement and Limits" on October 29th, 2014. Followed by presentations on ESSEC Business School (France) and KU Leuven (Belgium) by their representatives, the conference dealt with the management of regional conflicts in Asia and Europe explored through an interdisciplinary analysis involving economic, political, social and cultural approaches. Four themes were presented to discuss the sources of conflicts and examine how Asia and Europe attempted to resolve them. The conference was a valuable opportunity to further understand Asia and Europe’s particularities and share lessons from Asian and European experiences of conflict management.

The 30th Global Leaders Program

GSIS, the 30th Members of Global Leadership Program has started its activity as of Commencement Ceremony on September 4, 2014. The program not only fosters Global Leaders with three-dimensional vision for creative and innovative growth but also runs parallel with special programs for friendship activity, such as mountain climbing, domestic workshops and workshops at abroad. The 30th members of GLP students strengthened the communality by participating at the mounting climbing held on September 27th and at the three day oversea workshop, which was held at Weitai, Yantai of China. The special lecture at Shandong University, and visiting historical site of Jang Bog, known as the King of the Sea was also in the program.

Distinguished Lecture: Where is CSR Going? Current Trends and Challenges

On November 14th Celina Pagani-Tousignant, the president and founder of Normisur International, gave a lecture titled "Where Is Corporate Social Responsibility ?CSR Going? Current Trends and Challenges Ahead.” In her very dynamic lecture, Ms. Pagani explained how CSR has been growing and shared her interesting experiences in CSR area especially in many Latin American countries.