The 2nd SNU Global PPP Forum

The 2nd SNU Global PPP Forum, hosted by Seoul National University, organized by GSIS, SNU and Co-organized by Institute of International Studies, supported by Hyundai Construction, Hyundai Engineering, Doosan Infra Core was held at International Conference Hall, GSIS, SNU. The forum was held under the topic, Trend of Private Participation in Development Cooperation and Future Prospect on. Participants from academia related to International Development Cooperation, domestic development related NGOs, participating companies from CSR activity, international organization such as UN, Habitat had participated. The 2nd Global PPP Forum was planned to diagnose the private participation trend and prospect the future in the field of International Development Cooperation on September 15, 2015 at International Conference Hall, GSIS.

The Research Seminar of the Ulchon-GSIS Center for Emerging Economics

On September 14th 2015, the Yulchon-GSIS Center for Emerging Economies held its first research seminar. Team Cambodia presented on topic “Comparison of the Effects on Cambodia Income Growth between FDI and ODA”. Team Vietnam presented on topic “Unemployment Insurance in Vietnam”. Team Indonesia I and II each presented on topics “Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards in Indonesia” and “The Prospect of Indonesia-Korea Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement”. Each team has received feedbacks from lawyers of the Yulchon LLC. Further plan is to revise the research in accordance with the feedbacks by the mid October.

Latin America's Sport and Nationalism

Professor Robert Irwin gave a lecture about the direction of the varied cultural study and interdisciplinary research method in general term, which sports research implies under the title “Latin America’s Sports and Nationalism”. He explained how sports was introduced to Latin America through the imperialistic governing process and enumerated some misused cases of sports in some countries as to its political needs. Particularly, the US Latino Sports star was mentioned as a clear means of expressing antagonistic emotions among the white supremacy and Mexican-American ethno-nationalism. Professor Irwin pointed out that due to the fact that sports is an area where hidden prejudice and power between social citizenship and racism virtually clashes, it is needed to further develop the cultural studies in the future. The series of lecture was organized by the Institute of Latin American Study.

Ambiguous Accountability: The In-Between World of Public-Private Partnerships

The 18th International Development Policy Seminar was held, under the title, “Ambiguous Accountability: The In-Between World of Public-Private Partnership” on September 8, 2015. Dr. Prashant Sharma, who is the member of Open Society Fellow and Visiting Research Fellow of UNRISD led the seminar, starting by explaining what PPP (Public Private Partnership) is. He introduced the public-private partnership cases in reality, and we thought about its distinct features and problems. Public-private partnership is mostly used in large scale businesses such as infra-public services. We had discussed about the problems that occurred during last 10~20 years, as the number of cases had increased and developed. The discussion was focused particularly on accountability: Since the government and private enterprises jointly participated, which side should bear the accountability, and how the regulations should be controlled.

Foreign Trade and Agricultural Sector in Korea

On September 3, 2015, the ambassador from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kyung-lim Choi gave a lecture to the students of the FTA Commerce and Strategy program under the topic, “Trade and Agriculture Sector in Korea.” The seminar was given for the purpose of helping students to understand the current changes in trade policy, and look into the advantages and disadvantages Korea has in distinctive industries. The Agricultural sector is the weak point of Korea’s trade negotiations, which involves many exceptions in applying free trade policies. Ambassador Choi focused on the prospects of the agricultural industry, explaining how the agricultural sector is different from any other sectors, and how the sector should be expanded by introducing the actual cases of bilateral trade negotiations.

GSIS GLP Alumni Association Council delivered Development Fund to GSIS

GLP Alumni Association Council of GSIS, SNU has delivered Development Fund to GSIS on Home Coming Day of GSIS GLP (August 27th, 2015) at Socheon Hall. Mr. KWON, Oh Sung, the president of the GLP Alumni Association Council said “We are donating KWR 10 million with the wish on eternal growth of GSIS”. Global Leader’s Program is educational program run by GSIS of SNU for Global Management. The 31st GLP class has graduated and 32nd class is on going now.