The 3rd Global PPP Forum : The Era of SDGs, New Enterprises are Coming

The 3rd Seoul National University Global PPP Forum was held on Wednesday, 23 November with the topic of “the era of SDGs, New Enterprises are Coming”. The event was organized by GSIS, Chosun Daily Newspaper, the Better Future and Deloitte, and sponsored by Hyundai Construction, Hyundai Engineering and KDPA. Experts from corporations and the academia agreed that, “corporations require strategies to overturn crises into opportunities”, and that, corporations’ survival in the future depend on whether they can implement business models incorporating innovation and values.” Participants from different backgrounds, including Non-Governmental Organizations, companies and delegates from CSR departments participated in the forum.

The Decision of the British People to Leave the EU

On Monday, November 21, 2016, GSIS welcomed British Ambassador Charles Hay for a combined faculty seminar and public lecture regarding the UK’s recent decision to leave the European Union and its implications, not only on the domestic or European scale but also from a global perspective. The lecture began with Ambassador Hay’s discussions, regarding plausible reasons why the UK citizens have voted to leave the European Union. Both positive and negative perception towards the UK’s future were at stake as the voting public were both concerned about the rising inflow of foreigners but also excited about the ability of the UK to be a more free, global actor. Ambassador Hay also briefly discussed the legal procedures and politics behind the referendum. Despite the decision to leave the Union, Britain will continue to be a strong ally of its friends and continue to protect their mutual interests.

Korea-New Zealand FTA: 1st Anniversary Assessment

SNU GSIS was pleased to welcome New Zealand Trade Commissioner Mr. Ryan Freer and Mr. Jack Stenhouse, Business Development Manager from New Zealand Trade and Enterprise for a special seminar on Korea - New Zealand 1st Anniversary FTA Assessment. The session began with a light discussion between Mr. Freer and GSIS's Professor Dukgeun Ahn on New Zealand's recent trade developments and overall trade strategies before moving to an assessment of the Korea-NZ FTA. Mr. Freer gave an informative overview of how the FTA has affected the trade flows and overall net welfare of both countries, and also gave an inside look at how the FTA has been implemented on the ground.

Recent Development in EU Trade Remedies Law and Practice and Brexit

On November 23rd, 2016, Edwin Vermulst, a founding partner of VVGB Advocaten and also the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of World Trade, gave a lecture not only to the students of the FTA Commerce and Strategy Program, but also to the entire GSIS students under the topic, “Recent Development in EU Trade Remedies Law and Practice and Brexit.” Lawyer Vermulst lectured the position of the EU regarding several trade remedies like Anti-dumping and subsidy measures by showing relevant legal cases. Also, he specifically explained the proposed new methodology for calculating China’s normal value and how it is implemented by the EU. Lastly, he concluded with the impact of Brexit on future trade policy of the EU and the UK, and some implications for Korea regarding commerce issues after Brexit.

Security Scholarship. Academic Exchange Seminar

On Thursday, November 24th, a Security Scholarship Seminar and Academic Exchange Seminar took place at the Graduate School of National Security Management (Dean Professor Lee Sang-Jin) of Korea National Defense University. A total of over 300 Professors and students attended the seminar at Stanford Hotel in Seoul, where graduate students presented their outstanding academic thesis in a contest. Sixteen(16) Students from seven(7) different universities (Seoul National University, Korea University, Ehwa Woman’s University, Sejong University, Hansung University, Korea Aerospace University Korea National Defense University) competed fiercely for the final prize of KRW 9 000 000, and Captain Seonggon KIM and Biyeon JO from Seoul National University won the excellence prize.

POSCO Asia Fellowship signs MOU with GSIS, SNU

There was MOU signing between the Graduate School of International Studies(GSIS), SNU and POSCO Asia Fellowships on October 13, 2016. The mutual agreement was signed between Prof. Cheol Hee Park, dean of GSIS and Mr. Jaewoon Yang, Executive Director of POSCO Asia Fellowship. Both organization have agreed to promote friendly relationship and discussed over the way of supporting the scholarship students. POSCO Asia Fellowship was found with the goal of mutual understanding through people-to-people exchanges and cooperation between countries, based on the idea that stronger mutual interest between individuals leads to stronger mutual interests between nations and contributes to world peace and mutual prosperity. The Foundation of POSCO Asia Fellowship aims to promote exchanges and cooperation of young talents in scholarship, academic, and cultural fields, improving mutual understanding of Asia, and to increase the understanding of Korea and the intimacy with the country. The Fellowship supports scholarship for Asian Students studying in Korea.