Interested in Graduate School?

Information session about graduate programs in International Affairs from four international affairs schools was held at International Conference Hall on December 12, 2014. Representatives from School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University, School of Advanced International Studies. Johns Hopkins University, The Fletcher School, Tufts University and School of International and Public Affairs from Columbia University were at GSIS to give short presentations of each school and had a general Q & A session. Many students had attended the event to show their interest.

From Ramyon to Satellite : Mitsui Sumtomo Insurance Co.

Institute of Japanese Studies, SNU held a symposium under the theme , celebrating the 10th anniversary of its foundation. The first round looked back on the history before and after the foundation of the institute through the perspective of institutional change. The second and third round went over the reality of Japan research in the Korean academia including Seoul National University, and reflected on new directions.

Japanese Sake ,not just Gubota and Hatkaisan

Institute for Japanese Studies, SNU has held Japanese Cultural Experience Event “Japanese Sake, not just Gubota and Hatkaisan” to commemorate the 10th anniversary. Around 40 SNU professors and 10 IJS people took part in this event supported by Japanese Embassy, Public Affairs division. The event provided a chance to learn Japanese Sake culture and have a taste of the rice wine. 15 different types of Sake from each Japanese region were brought for the event.

Campus Asia, Field Trip to Gyungju

Students from the Campus Asia Program went on a field trip to Gyungju and Andong from November 14 to 15, 2014. They visited Tumuli Park-Daereungwon, Anapji Pond and Cheomsungdae on the first day. In the afternoon, they visited Gyungju 0-reung (five tombs of Shilla Kings), Seokgulam and Bulguksa. In the pension where they stayed overnight, they had a chance to experience ‘painting on the ceramic’, tea and traditional refreshments. The Campus Asia Program students also visited Andong, where the traditions have been preserved for 600 years.

2014 Korean Association for Time Studies Conference

Conference for Korean Time Studies was held on Dec 5th, 2014 in Sochon Hall. Prof. Jonathan Gershuny from Oxford gave presentation on “Time, National Product and Well-being: Extending National Accounts”. Lyn Craig from University of New South Wales, Australia on “Using Time Use Data to Explore Family Life in Context: What do we know, what can we know?”. Prof. Ignace Glorieux from Free University of Brussels, Belgium gave presentation on “Merits, Threats and Future of Time Use Research. Many other scholars in time use study had participated in the conference.

Relations between East Asia and Latin America

The seminar on “the Relations between East Asia and Latin America” was held at GSIS on December 12th. Mr. Nobuaki Hamaguchi from Kobe University, mentioned the power shift in East Asia resulting in the transition of political stances of Japan toward Latin America. Ms. Guo Jie from Pekin University, explained that China has far to go to build strategic partnership with Latin American countries.