Analysis on Structural Issues of Targeted Dumping: Focusing on US-Washing Machines (DS464) Case

On October 13, 2016, Kyounghwa Kim, a Ph.D candidate from GSIS of Seoul National University, gave a lecture to the students of the FTA Commerce and Strategy program under the topic, “Analysis on Structural Issues of Targeted Dumping: Focusing on US-Washing Machines (DS464) Case.” Kim explained what the target dumping is and overviewed the historical development of the target dumping. She showed the findings from Panel and the Appellate Body, with the legal analysis in 6 parts. Lastly, she concluded with the implications from the result and the possibility of allowing zeroing under the W-T comparison methodology.

POSCO Asia Fellowship signs MOU with GSIS, SNU

There was MOU signing between the Graduate School of International Studies(GSIS), SNU and POSCO Asia Fellowships on October 13, 2016. The mutual agreement was signed between Prof. Cheol Hee Park, dean of GSIS and Mr. Jaewoon Yang, Executive Director of POSCO Asia Fellowship. Both organization have agreed to promote friendly relationship and discussed over the way of supporting the scholarship students. POSCO Asia Fellowship was found with the goal of mutual understanding through people-to-people exchanges and cooperation between countries, based on the idea that stronger mutual interest between individuals leads to stronger mutual interests between nations and contributes to world peace and mutual prosperity. The Foundation of POSCO Asia Fellowship aims to promote exchanges and cooperation of young talents in scholarship, academic, and cultural fields, improving mutual understanding of Asia, and to increase the understanding of Korea and the intimacy with the country. The Fellowship supports scholarship for Asian Students studying in Korea.

G20: Global Leadership

On October 11, 2016, Hye Min Lee, G20 Sherpa & Ambassador for International Economic Affairs of the Republic of Korea, gave a lecture not only to the students of the FTA Commerce and Strategy program, but also to the other students of the Graduate School of International Studies under the topic, “G20: Global Leadership.” Ambassador Lee overviewed the history and roles of the global governance and emphasized the changes in the world economy after the collapse of Lehman Brothers. With some inside stories between leaders and the background of slow progress of multilateralism, he explained about the new phase and role of the G20 by showing some global challenges, which it is facing these days.

Symposium on FTA issues in Cheongnamdae

The FTA Commerce and Strategy Program had a symposium on FTA issues in Cheongnamdae, Presidential Villa, in Cheongju on September 30th, 2016. Professor Dukgeun Ahn and twenty(20) FTA Commerce & Strategy Program participants went to Cheongnamdae to hold the symposium. In the session I, Mr. Wanki Kim, a chief of FTA Policy Planning Division at MOTIE, gave a lecture about the FTA policies and its direction from the government perspective. In the session II, Ms. Minjung Kim, Ph.D., from KDI School of Public Policy gave a lecture under the topic of “TBT Issues and its Implication.” Dr.. Hyo-young Lee from KIEP gave a presentation with the topic of “New & Renewable Energy-related Environmental Standards and its Reconciliation with Trade Standards. Dr. Jooyoung Yang, from KIET gave a lecture under the topic of “Features of the Advanced Global Value Chain and its Challenges.” The event provided an excellent opportunity for the FTA Commerce & Strategy Program participants to learn about the latest issues in FTAs and to think about its implications.

Delegation from SESDILU of Indonesia visits GSIS

The delegation from SESDILU of Indonesia came to GSIS to have meeting with Professor Cheol-Hee Park, dean of GSIS on September 29, 2016. Professor Chong-Sup Kim greeted the delegation together with the dean of GSIS. Dr. Nana Yuliana, director of School of Mid-career Diplomats (SESDILU), Mr.s Meity Sugaruagm, senior diplomat of Indonesia, and Mrs. Yetty Lucida, Mr. Derry Aplianta, third secretary of Indonesian Embassy in Korea came to GSIS to introduce SESDILU and to discuss about mutual cooperation between the two organization. They discussed and arranged visit of SESDILU students to GSIS in coming November.

FTA Commerce & Strategy Program Fall-2016 Orientation

FTA Commerce & Strategy Program has hosted an orientation for fall-2016 semester on September 12 at GL Room. Due to the absence of Professor Dukgeun Ahn who is in charge of the Program, Jeongjoon James Park, the program coordinator, gave a welcoming speech for all the participating students. He also gave a presentation about the information of the program and the overall schedule for this semester. At the end of the session, new and current participating students introduced themselves to get to know each other, and shared their motivations for joining the program and the fields of interest.