Japanese Sake ,not just Gubota and Hatkaisan

Institute for Japanese Studies, SNU has held Japanese Cultural Experience Event “Japanese Sake, not just Gubota and Hatkaisan” to commemorate the 10th anniversary. Around 40 SNU professors and 10 IJS people took part in this event supported by Japanese Embassy, Public Affairs division. The event provided a chance to learn Japanese Sake culture and have a taste of the rice wine. 15 different types of Sake from each Japanese region were brought for the event.

The 30th GLP students, Graduation Ceremony

The Graduation Ceremony for the 30th Global Leadership Program, GSIS, SNU was held on December 18th. Forty-five (45) students has finished the course in fall semester of 2014. The GLP Program was established in November, 1999 and has been running for 15 years. Total of 1,394 students have finished the GLP, at GSIS, SNU during last 15 years.

special lecture: World Energy Market and Shale Revolution

Dr. Yonghun Jung, who was the vice president of Asia Pacific Energy Research Centre(APERC),now counsellor to the Minister of Knowledge Economy and senior fellow at the Korea Energy Economics Institute, was invited as a special lecturer on December 22, 2014. He gave special lecture on ‘World Energy Market and Shale Revolution’. He explained about the World Energy Market with videos that helped students to understand the issue easily. Dr. Jung holds Ph.D. in Econometrics.

The 4th FTA Leadership Program

The 4th FTA Leadership Program started from September 20th and ended on December 13, 2014. Forty three (43) students have finished the course. FTA Leadership Program was filled with various special lectures. The FTA Leadership Program is a program dedicated to FTA-related issues for practitioners, researchers and policy-makers. The program provides a systematic analysis on the current political and economic situations regarding free trade agreements, as well as field work strategies from experienced lecturers on FTA issues.

The 6th DCPP Graduation Ceremony

The 6th GSIS Master Program of Development Cooperation Policy, offered exclusively to international students with the support of the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) has produced 19 graduates. The GSIS DCPP students are trained to become potential leaders in their respective countries. The 6th GSIS Master Program of Development Cooperation Policy, offered exclusively to international students with the support of the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) has produced 19 graduates, who will be fostered as future experts in the field of development.

Meeting with STINT

Dr. Andreas G?thenberg, Executive Director of STINT and Mr. Mattias L?whagen from STINT(The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education) visited GSIS on 22 Jan. to discuss about the dual degree programs and to promote Swedish higher education’s exchange and cooperation programs with counterparts in foreign countries. We had discussed issues related to running dual degree programs. STINT is part of a group of Swedish research foundations that were formed in 1994 to internationalize Swedish higher education and research, covering all academic fields and disciplines.

Winter Vacation Program for the Youth

A program organized by School of Continuing Education, SNU was held at GSIS bldg. from January 5th to 9th. Many high school students had participated to learn about Japan. The main subject was ‘Five Ways to Gaze at our hopeless neighbor, Japan’. Prof. Cheol Hee Park, director of the Institute for Japanese Studies, Prof. Ki Jeong Nam, Prof. Gwan-ja Jo, Prof. Jeehwan Park and Prof. Eunkyung Lee from the Institute for Japanese Studies gave lectures on politics, history, citizen movements of Japan

2014 Korean Association for Time Studies Conference

Conference for Korean Time Studies was held on Dec 5th, 2014 in Sochon Hall. Prof. Jonathan Gershuny from Oxford gave presentation on “Time, National Product and Well-being: Extending National Accounts”. Lyn Craig from University of New South Wales, Australia on “Using Time Use Data to Explore Family Life in Context: What do we know, what can we know?”. Prof. Ignace Glorieux from Free University of Brussels, Belgium gave presentation on “Merits, Threats and Future of Time Use Research. Many other scholars in time use study had participated in the conference.

Relations between East Asia and Latin America

The seminar on “the Relations between East Asia and Latin America” was held at GSIS on December 12th. Mr. Nobuaki Hamaguchi from Kobe University, mentioned the power shift in East Asia resulting in the transition of political stances of Japan toward Latin America. Ms. Guo Jie from Pekin University, explained that China has far to go to build strategic partnership with Latin American countries.