Delegation from SESDILU of Indonesia visits GSIS

The delegation from SESDILU of Indonesia came to GSIS to have meeting with Professor Cheol-Hee Park, dean of GSIS on September 29, 2016. Professor Chong-Sup Kim greeted the delegation together with the dean of GSIS. Dr. Nana Yuliana, director of School of Mid-career Diplomats (SESDILU), Mr.s Meity Sugaruagm, senior diplomat of Indonesia, and Mrs. Yetty Lucida, Mr. Derry Aplianta, third secretary of Indonesian Embassy in Korea came to GSIS to introduce SESDILU and to discuss about mutual cooperation between the two organization. They discussed and arranged visit of SESDILU students to GSIS in coming November.

Fall-2016 MT for GSIS Students

After the official welcome at the Orientation on the 1st September 2016, our MT for this year was held from the 2nd to 3rd September at the Gubongsan Resort in Yongin. Over 70 students participated and turned it into a lively and fun event. With much food, talking and yes, drinking, we got to know each other and started the Fall Semester 2016. Although games and talkative groups reached well into the night, we got up early the next day and returned together after a collective breakfast. All in all, we hope everyone got to know each other a little bit more and is off to a great Fall 2016!

FTA Commerce & Strategy Program Fall-2016 Orientation

FTA Commerce & Strategy Program has hosted an orientation for fall-2016 semester on September 12 at GL Room. Due to the absence of Professor Dukgeun Ahn who is in charge of the Program, Jeongjoon James Park, the program coordinator, gave a welcoming speech for all the participating students. He also gave a presentation about the information of the program and the overall schedule for this semester. At the end of the session, new and current participating students introduced themselves to get to know each other, and shared their motivations for joining the program and the fields of interest.

FTA Commerce & Strategy Seminar Series 7: Commerce Issues in Health and Welfare Sector

On September 20, 2016, 7th FTA Commerce & Strategy Seminar Series, which is the 1st seminar of this semester, was held and Jung Ki Hong from the Ministry of Health & Welfare, gave a lecture to the students of the FTA Commerce and Strategy program under the topic, “Commerce Issues in Health and Welfare Sector.” Mr. Hong explained several commerce-related health issues like price setting of the new drug in FTA negotiations, intellectual property right / patent of new drug and even the labeling issues of the cosmetics. Lastly, he explained how important it is to set the legal criteria in health and welfare sector by showing KORUS FTA and Korea-EU FTA.

Fall-2016 Orientation for the New Comers

As the starting of the fall-2016 semester, orientation for the new comers was held at Socheon Convention Hall on September 1, 2016. The Socheon Hall was full of newly registered students of GSIS. Professor Ji Yeoun SONG, professor of Political Economy announced the starting of the orientation, Professor Tae Gyun PARK, associate dean of GSIS introduced the professors and staff of GSIS to the newly arrived students. Prof. Park also introduced the various kinds of scholarship GSIS is offering to the students. Following Prof. Park’s introduction, Professor Dukgeun AHN, professor of International Trade Law and Policy introduced the FTA Commerce and Strategy Program. For students’ clear understanding, DCPP is handled by Ms. Raemi Do, at room 202, bldg. 140 and dual degree and Campus Asia Program is handled by Ms. Sehui Yoon at room 203, bldg. 140.

FTA Commerce & Strategy Program 1st Information Session

On August 25th, 2016, FTA Commerce and Strategy Program had a 1st Information Session at the GL Room for the incoming students of the GSIS this semester. In the event, Jeongjoon James Park, the program coordinator of FTA Commerce & Strategy Program, gave a presentation about the overall information and benefits of the program. Also, he not only notified specific information about the application process and the requirements for the FTA program certificate, but also introduced the new staff members to share their unique experiences from the program. During and after the presentation, students showed their interests by asking several questions about the program.