Staff Directory

Graduate School of International Studies

Office Position Name Duty Tel. Fax. Email Location
Deputy Director NA, Jeong Oh Head of Administration Office (82)2-880-8947 (82)2-879-1496 Bldg. 140-1, #302
General Affairs & Research Assistant Manager YOUN, Nari General & Accounting Affairs (82)2-880-8501
Assistant Manager KIM, Sujin Research Agreement-Settlement, Expenditure & Asset Management, Research administration service, etc. (82)2-880-8506
Academic & Student Affairs Manager HAN, Jae Heun Academic Affairs Management, Personnel Affairs of Faculty (82)2-880-8505
Officer YOO, Jiae Thesis, Qualifying Exam, Registration, Student Affairs (82)2-880-8509
Officer KIM, Sung Wook Admissions, Courses, Scholarships (82)2-880-8505
Int'l Cooperation Deputy Manager KWON, Yong Su Exchange & Double Degree Program, CAMPUS Asia, Classroom Equipment, etc. (82)2-880-8507 Bldg. 140-1, #303
Assistant MIN, Sumin GSIS Newletter, Bulk email, etc. (82)2-880-4046
DCPP Officer DO, Raemi  Development Cooperation Policy Program (82)2-880-6877 - Bldg. 140-2, #203
Dean's Office Secretary CHO, Seon Hee Secretary Affairs (82)2-880-8500 (82)2-886-6303 Bldg. 140-1, #501
Int'l Studies Library Chief Librarian LEE, Soo Ok Acquisitions & Serials Management (82)2-880-2532 (82)2-889-1093 Bldg. 140-1, #401
Librarian YANG, Sang Mee Collection Development & Research Support (82)2-880-8502 -