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Forms for Students

Date Category Title Name
2016-07-07 registration 학적부 기재사항 변경원 (Application for changing personal information) 41.5KB jayoo
2014-07-29 thesis 보존용논문미제출사유서(Reasons for Non -submissino of Thesis 50.5KB jayoo
2014-02-28 registration CAMPUS Asia 일시귀국방문신청서 Request for temporary Leave 18.5KB gsis
2012-08-21 others 멘토활동보고서 Activity Report of Mentor 27KB gsisadmin
2012-06-22 registration 수료유예원 Postpone Completion of the Course 33.5KB gsisadmin
2012-05-25 registration BK국제관 연장 신청서 Residency Renewal Form : BK International House 37KB gsisadmin
2012-04-18 registration 퇴학원 Voluntary Resignation 0.3MB gsisadmin
2012-04-12 others 학생의료비공제 신청서 Application for Student Medical Mutual Aid Service 41KB gsisadmin
2012-03-12 events GSIS Logo, Map, Poster, Namecard, Nameplate form 0.3MB gsis
2011-05-27 others 국외여행계획서 Application for Trip Abroad (Official/Private) 15.5KB gsisadmin
2011-05-27 others 공무국외여행 결과보고서 Form for Report on Business Trip 12KB gsisadmin
2011-05-27 registration 신분증신청서 Request Form for ID Card 10KB gsisadmin
2011-05-27 others 이력서 양식 Form for Curriculum Vitae 10.5KB gsisadmin
2011-05-27 class 휴보강신청서 Form for Cancelling Lecture/Make-up Lecture 8.5KB gsisadmin
2011-05-27 class 외부강사 특강 Application for Invited Lecture 11KB gsisadmin
2011-05-27 class 영수증 양식 Receipt form 32KB gsisadmin
2011-05-27 class 강의실 사용허가 신청서 Request Form to use lecture room 14KB gsisadmin
2011-05-27 class 강의조교(TA)신청서 Application for TA/RA programs 38KB gsisadmin
2011-05-27 study_abroad 국외수학변경원 Form to Change Application for Study Abroad Program(while studying abroad) 45.5KB gsisadmin
2011-05-27 study_abroad 수학신청원 Application for Study Abroad Program or other university program 51KB gsisadmin