Theses by GSIS Students


Year / Month Major Title Name
2023 / February International Studies (Ph.D.) Nexus between Inter-state Communication Networks and International Conflicts: The Impact of Weaponization of ICTs and Asymmetric Information Networks on International Security Competitions in the Telegraph Era, 1849-1914 / 국가 간 통신 네트워크와 국제분쟁의 상관성 연구: 전신의 시대(1849-1914), 국제안보경쟁에 미치는 정보통신기술과 비대칭 정보 네트워크 무기화의 영향 분석 CHO, One-Sun
Year / Month Major Title Name
2000 / February International Commerce Culture and Locational Advantages of Host Countries for FDI
Charles W. Chung
2000 / February International Commerce New Market Access Strategies for Korean Exports in the New Round:Contingent Protection and Regionalism
Park, Chong-Ho
2000 / February International Commerce e The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Host Country Trade: The Case of Foreign-owned Manufacturing Firms in Korea
Park, Jong-Ba
2000 / February International Commerce Empirical Analysis on Host Country Determinants of FDI
Kim, Seung-Hyun
1999 / August International Area Studies Development of Russian Monetary System and Its Impacts on Economic Stabilization
Hwang, Sun-Kee
1999 / August International Area Studies Working Time Reduction in Germany and its Implications for Korea
Koh, Min-Jeong
1999 / August International Cooperation An Analysis of the Security Cooperation between South Korea and the United States: A Game-theoretic Approach
Cho, Jae-Cheon
1999 / August International Cooperation The Effectiveness and Institutional Design for Compliance of the Climate Change Regime
Joung, Hyun-Chang
1999 / August International Cooperation Protection of Cultural Industries in International Trade: with Particular Reference to Film and Broadcasting Industry
Lee, Je-Seung
1999 / August International Cooperation Assessing the UN Mechanisms for Protection and Promoting Human Rights of Women: With Particular Reference to CSW and CEDAW
Park, Soo-Jung
1999 / February International Area Studies The Change of the U.S. trade policy since World War II
2차대전 이후 미국통상정책의 변화
1999 / February International Area Studies Comparative analysis of foreign direct investment in China
1999 / February International Area Studies Efficiency in Corporate Bankruptcy System:Comparison Between Germany and U.K
1999 / February International Cooperation The Changing dynamics of the U.S.-Japan security alliance after the cold war
1999 / February International Cooperation The UN System and Increasing Role of NGOs:with Particular Refernce to the Field of Development Cultural Industries and International Economic Law
1999 / February International Cooperation Economic in Reconstruction and Peace in the Post-Conflict Societies:Cooperative Financial Institutions and MNCs
1999 / February International Commerce Evaluating Korea s commitments to the GATT/WTO
韓國의 GATT/WTO에서의 通商協商에 대한 評價
1999 / February International Commerce Toward Multilateral Rules on Investment