2018 GSIS Fieldwork Research Fellowship

Official Notice

2018학년도 2학기

GSIS Fieldwork Research Fellowship 계획(안)

? 목적

? 국제대학원 학생들의 학위논문 집필을 위해 필수적인 해외 현지조사 연구 지원



? 프로그램 개요

? 주제 : 학위논문의 주제에 적합한 현지조사 주제

? 조사국가

- 외교통상부가 지정한 여행금지 지역을 제외한 국가

- 여행자 보험 가입이 가능한 국가

※ 여행자 보험 가입 필수(개별 가입)

? 지원자격

- 서울대학교 국제대학원생 (휴학생 제외)

? 지원금 혜택 : 최대 2백만원(최소 10일 체류조건)

? 제출서류 : 신청서(붙임 양식) 1부


? 선발

? 선발인원 : O명 (1년 5인 이내 지원)

? 선발방법 : 신청서 제출 ? 신청서 평가 ? 선정

? 선발기준 : 학위논문 작성을 위한 현지조사의 필요성, 현지조사의 실행 가능성, 예산의 적합성

? 평가교수 : 교무부원장, 학생부원장, 지역학전공주임


? 예산 : 20,000천원(발전기금- 학위논문을 위한 현지조사연구비)

※ 예산은 정종호 교수의 2017년도 제2차 교육상 상금 전액을 국제대학원 발전기금에

기부하여 마련됨


? 추진 일정

? 제출 마감 : 2018년 11월 29일(목) 17:00

? 선정 공고 : 2018년 12월 첫째주 중


붙임 : 공고문 1부


<붙임 1>






1. Objective

? To support GSIS students’fieldwork (when necessary for thesis)


2. Program Outline

? Topic : Thesis topic

? Country for Fieldwork

- Excluding“Travel Notice Countries”designated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

- Countries where it is possible to sign up for Travelers Insurance

※ Sign-up for Travelers Insurance is mandatory (Individual sign up)

? Eligibility

- Seoul National University GSIS students (excluding students on leave & exchange students)

? Provisions of the fellowship : The fellowship will cover the maximum 2 million korean won

- 10 day stay at minimum

? Required documents : 1 copy of the application form (Attachment)


3. Selection Process and Criteria

? Number of students to be selected : Up to 3 students

? Selection process : Application form submission ? Application evaluation ? Selection

? Selection criteria : necessity of a fieldwork for thesis, feasibility of proposed fieldwork, budget adequacy, etc.


4. Application deadline

? Deadline : November 29th, 2018 (Thursday) 5 pm

? Announcement of result : First week of December 2018

? Submission of documents & inquiries : Administration(Academic & Student Affairs) Office (02-880-8509)



GSIS Fieldwork Research Fellowship Application Form



1. Personal information

? Name: (name on passport)

? Student ID:

? Contact number:



2. Research Plan

? Thesis topic:

? Why fieldwork is necessary for your thesis




3. Fieldwork Plan

? Objective:

? Detailed plan

- Research country :

- Research period :

- Research content :



Fieldwork Schedule


Time Frame




1st day

00 : 00




00 : 00




2nd day









3rd day










? Budget Plan



Basis of calculation
























GSIS Fieldwork Research Fellowship Budget Guideline




□ Length of visit : Consecutive 10 day stay at minimum in the period from

Mid. December, 2018 to Late February, 2019


□ Total Budget : A maximum of 2 million Korean won per person


□ Expenditure items (10 day stay at minimum)



Maximum amount of support




500,000 KW

Expense reimbursement


Travelers Insurance

100,000 KW

Expense reimbursement


Accomodations, Meals

1,200,000 KW

120,000 KW per day


Local transportation fee

200,000 KW

Expense reimbursement



Miscellaneous (Research expenses, printing expenses, souvenirs for research subjects, etc.)

300,000 KW

Expense reimbursement


□ Regulations

* Individuals will be responsible for any expenses in excess of the maximum amount of support

* Accomodations and meals will be covered within the 1,200,000 KW limit; submission of receipts is not required

* Other budget items will be reimbursed within the maximum amount of support and documentary evidence (receipts, etc.) must be submitted when handing in the final budget report

* Certificate of Entry/Departure Record must be submitted along with the final budget report

* The final budget report must be submitted within a week of completing fieldwork

* It is possible to use expenses not spent on airfare, travelers insurance, accomodations, meals for miscellaneous expenses (research expenses, printing expenses souvenirs for research subjects or local transportation fee)



Pledge and Agreement Upon

Program Participation

? Name :

? Concentration :

? Student ID Number :


I, on my participation in the‘GSIS Fieldwork Research Fellowship,’hereby agree and pledge to the articles below:


1) I shall diligently participate in the Fieldwork Research and follow all related rules and regulations in good faith.


2) In the case where I am unable to complete the Fieldwork Research due to personal reason and/or as a result of disciplinary action against my failure to comply by the relevant rules and regulations, I will give refund of any and all funding I received from GSIS promptly and in full.


3) I understand that personal health-related issues such as personal hygiene and diseases/illnesses that arise during the duration of the Fieldwork Research are solely my own responsibility and I release and discharge Seoul National University from any claims or liabilities related to any and all health-issues I may experience during or after the program.


4) I understand that I am solely responsible for my own safety during the duration of the Fieldwork Research and I release and discharge Seoul National University from any claims or liabilities for any and all accidents and incidents that result in the endangerment of my safety.



As a student of Seoul National University, I agree to all of the above and pledge that I shall act in accordance with the university rules and code of conduct.






 Name:   (Signature)