[Global Perspectives] Putting the EU-Korea partnership to work the past and the vision for 2019

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2019-04-10 Last updated: 2019-05-13

On April 10th 2019, the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence (EU Centre) welcomed His Excellency Michael Reiterer, Ambassador of the European Union to the Republic of Korea, to a special lecture entitled ‘Putting the EU-Korea partnership to work: the past and vision for 2019’.

Fruitful insights into the EU-Republic of Korea relationship in 2018 were firstly introduced, addressing one of the many events that have occurred such as the EU-ROK summit on October 10th 2018, activities for climate action that linked conscious efforts to ameliorate civil society of Korea, or the 15th ROK-EU Joint Committee Meeting. Dr. Michael Reiterer then shared in his address the outlook for 2019: managing change in the EU since BREXIT, resolving global risks and uncertainties and advancing the EU-Korea trade and economic relations.

As a concluding remark, the special lecture not only attracted participants’ interest in EU’s foreign policies, but also informed participants of the vision of the EU-ROK partnership in 2019.