[Campus Asia] Field Trip to Busan

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2018-10-26 Last updated: 2018-10-31

On October 26 and 27th, Campus Asia students joined in the two-day Busan Tour. They first visited the UN Memorial Cemetery. The cemetery consisted of graves and memorial halls of the soldiers around the world who have sacrificed their lives for the peace of Korea. The students listened to the explanations of the guide and learned how much sacrifice was dedicated to achieve peace. Then, the students visited Nurimaru APEC House and listened to the explanations of how the summit was held back in 2005. Next, the students went to Haedong Yonggung Temple where they were able to enjoy beautiful scenery of ocean and Korean Buddhism culture. For the finale, the students visited Gamcheon Culture Village and enjoyed colorful landscape of Busan along with experiencing current Korean culture.