Campus Asia Seoul Tour

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 Last updated: 2018-04-05

On April 1st, 2018, Campus Asia students joined in the one-day Seoul Tour. They first visited National Museum of Korean Contemporary History. The Museum displayed many artifacts from Japanese Occupation era to Modern Korea with elaborate explanations of each historical phases such as Korean War, Miracle of Han River, hosting of 1988 Seoul Olympics and 2002 World Cup, etc. Then, the students visited Chadeokgung Palace to view the face of the later stage of Choseon and take a walk in trails inside the walls. Moreover, they watched the collaboration of Korean traditional musical performance, Pansori, in the plot of ancient Chinese literature - Romance of the Three Kingdoms - in Chongdong Theatre. The title of the performance was which is one of the most famous war scene in the fiction. For the finale, the tour was concluded with traditional Korean local cuisine, Hanjungsik, in Myeongdong.