Prof. Jung Ho JEONG awarded the fall-2017 SNU Educational Award

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 Last updated: 2017-11-14

Prof. Jung Ho JEONG was awarded the 2017 SNU Educational Award for the fall semester. The‘SNU Educational Award’ is awarded to ten(10) professors each semester, who are selected by students, colleagues and members of the university for the quality of their lecturing, student guidance and other educational activities.  Prof. Jeong, Jung Ho was especially recognized for his contribution to SNU’s International Education. Responsible for initiating, designing and operating the‘SNU in the World’ Program, Prof. Jeong greatly developed the university’s global perspective. Upon receiving the award, Prof. Jeong donated half of the prize money to GSIS to support future education and business research programs. Finally, the professor hopes that the award encourages further development of new and existing GSIS programs.