CNAS-GSIS Dialogue: Next Generation National Security Leaders

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 Last updated: 2017-11-14

On November 13, 2017, SNU GSIS was pleased to welcome 22 Next Generation National Security Leaders from Washington, DC, US, visiting on behalf of the CNAS (Center for a New American Century), sponsored by Korea Foundation (KF). Headed by Dr. Patrick M. Cronin, Senior Advisor and Director at CNAS, the visiting members were composed of incumbent researchers, government officials, journalists, and experts based in Washington DC, specializing on East Asian regional affairs. Our Dean, Professor Cheol-Hee Park, Professor Seong-ho Sheen, and Professor Jae Ho Chung at Dept of Polisci & IR gave 10-15 minutes talking points on contemporary Korea-Japan, Korea-US, and Korea-China issues, followed up by open Q&A and discussion from the floor.