The 9th global gathering for Euro-Asia Summer School

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The Euro-Asia Summer School celebrated its 9th global gathering in Seoul/Sejong (Seoul National University / KDI School of Public Policy and Management) and Leuven, Belgium (KU Leuven) from August 21st to September 1st. The Euro-Asia Summer School is an annually-held summer program co-organized by the EU Center at Seoul National University GSIS, and is a key opportunity for young talents to meet and interact to facilitate inter-cultural dialogues on global governance. This year, about 30 students were selected from the three universities, and these young talents were able to meet and interact and therefore to facilitate inter-cultural dialogues on global governance under this year’s topic ‘Political and Economic Cooperation between EU and Asia.’ Through lectures, discussions, and high-level conferences, they were given the opportunity to explore global governance – how state, regional, and international relations, along with foreign and trade policies of the EU and Asia and their global partners can overcome internal challenges and foster a worldwide cooperation. A range of global challenges were discussed, such as integration processes, multilateral cooperation, and perceptions of the EU and Asia in the global scene.