Professor Dukgeun Ahn awarded SNU Education Award

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       Prof. Ahn Dukgeun has been awarded the Spring 2017 SNU Education Award. The SNU Education Award is given to faculty members who exhibit outstanding capability in education and student guidance. The award is given to only 10 faculty members each semester.  Along with the award, Professor Ahn was credited with receiving the best lecture evaluations each semester. Additionally, Professor Ahn was recognized for developing and advancing the GSIS curriculum as well as for providing students with excellent academic advice. Professor Ahn's acceptance of the award was especially noteworthy as it marked the first time a GSIS professor had been selected as a recipient. Reflecting on this, Professor Ahn expressed his wish to share his success with all of GSIS, saying that “the award was given not only to myself". In a selfless act, the professor offered half of the award (KRW10,000,000) to GSIS as a development fund for educational research.  To commemorate Professor Ahn's acceptance of the award, GSIS held a special lecture on May 17, 2017. The lecture focused on Professor Ahn's academic passion and was titled "Academic Development of International Commerce and Current Challenges in the World Trading System”.