2023 SNU GSIS DCPP-BK21 Global Development Forum

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On 2023-01-30

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Event: 2023 SNU GSIS DCPP - BK21 Global Development Forum
Date & Time: 2023.01.30 (Tue) 19:00PM KST
Venue: Zoom Meeting

The SNU GSIS Brain Korea 21 Program (BK21 Four) and the SNU GSIS Development Cooperation Policy Program (DCPP) invite you to its Global Development Forum (GDF) from 19:00 (KST) on January 30th. The GDF aims to provide an open and interactive forum to promote dialogue among leaders, officers, specialists, and hands-on workers of governments from more than a dozen countries, alongside selected GSIS BK21 graduate students. Through the forum, the GDF expects to create an exchange of insights from practitioners of the policy-making level and junior scholars of academia. The forum encompasses diverse issues of international development with a yearly theme that discussions will be platformed upon. This year's focus is on 'International Development and Resilience.' Issue areas will be divided into three panels: 1. Economic Development and National Strategies; 2. Gender and Development; and 3. Resilience and Recovery from the Global South Perspective.

Participation is mandatory for BK Fellows (absence in BK events may affect next semester's selection).

Thank you.

Event Date : 2023-01-30
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