<SNU GSIS BK21> GSIS BK21 workshop 7 - 23 Nov (Wed.) 12:30 pm - 13:30 pm (KST)

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On 2022-11-23

The SNU GSIS BK21 Program is hosting the GSIS BK21 Workshop 7 (Fall 2022 - November) on Wednesday, 23 November. One SNU GSIS Ph. D student and one Master's student will be presenting their research.

The session is open to all SNU GSIS students, but participation is strongly encouraged for BK fellows.

(Due to the limited seats for the event, attendance is not mandatory but will be highly recognized for next semester's selection.)


For those who would like to attend, please fill out the google form through the link below (sign-up by 15 November [Tue] midnight)



(*Once signed-up, please be aware to surely attend as lunch will be provided based on the google forms filled out.)


<Event Information>

- Date & Time: Nov 23, 2022 (Wed.) 12:30 - 13:30 (KST)

- Venue: GL Room (Offline face-to-face)



    1) Inwha Jang (Ph.D. Student)

   An Analysis of the Survival Strategies of Religion in Modern Japan: Focusing on the Shinto Shrines


    2) Julianne Townsend (Master's Student)

   Acceptance of Homosexuality: A Comparative Newspaper Content Analysis in Taiwan and South Korea


Language: English

Event Date : 2022-11-23
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