<GSIS BK21 Research Development Series (2)>

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On 2021-11-29


SNU GSIS BK21 Research Development Series is inviting guests who can share some practical advice and tips in writing research papers. 


For RD Series 2, GSIS Ph.D students Daeun Kim and Diem Hong Nga NGO are invited to talk on the theme of “How to develop your research: From drafting to presentation and publication.” 

Please refer to the below poster for detailed information. (Language both in English and Korean)


Thank you.


* Zoom Meeting (ID: 882 3662 6210) *Direct Link: https://snu-ac-kr.zoom.us/j/88236626210

* Host & Contact: SNU GSIS BK21 FOUR Program (gsis_bk21@snu.ac.kr)

Event Date : 2021-11-29
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