[The KAPD] Public Diplomacy in the Age of Great Transformation: a Post- Pandemic World

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On 2020-11-27

[The KAPD] Web-poster for the upcoming International Conference (Nov. 27, 2020)


Greetings from the KAPD secretariat!

Thank you so much for all support for the upcoming KAPD International Conference.


We send the web-poster for the conference.

Zoom link will be sent to the limited number of 50 applicants on a first-come, first-served basis.

It would be much appreciated if you share the registration link and You-tube live link with your colleagues and students.



* Anyone can register for the conference via the link below.



* You-tube live link (broadcast on the conference day)


* KAPD homepage : kapdnet.org

- If you visit the KAPD website, you can get more information for the conference in the KAPD homepage. (Homepage (main slide) - Conference bulletin board)


Best regards,

The KAPD secretariat


Event Date : 2020-11-27
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