Park, Jeehwan

Full-Time Professor

Park, Jeehwan / 朴志煥

Professor of Japanese Studies

Office : Room 510, Bldg. 140-1

Tel. (82-2) 880-9218 Fax.

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Jeehwan Park is a Japan specialist as well as a sociocultural anthropologist. His research has explored social differentiation and urban movement in contemporary Japan. His doctoral dissertation and following articles analyzed how Japanese secondary schooling ended up enlarging the gap of educational performance and aspiration between advantaged and disadvantaged students, thereby creating divisions in a sense of their place in society. His next project focused on what form of solidarity and self-reliance Japanese citizens have attempted to create by examining various types of social activism in a working-class district. All these ethnographic researches have been conducted in Osaka. He is currently planning to understand how local youths in Kagoshima, Japan go through the divided society in comparison with their counterparts in Jeonju, Korea.