Park, Jeehwan

Full-Time Professor

Park, Jeehwan / 朴志煥

Professor of Japanese Studies

Office : Room 510, Bldg. 140-1

Tel. (82-2) 880-9218 Fax.

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Jeehwan Park is an expert in Japanese studies and sociocultural anthropology. His research focuses on social differentiation and urban activism in contemporary Japan. His doctoral dissertation examined how Japanese secondary schooling exacerbates disparities in educational performance and aspirations between advantaged and disadvantaged students, thereby contributing to societal divisions. His subsequent project investigated the forms of solidarity and self-reliance that Japanese citizens seek to cultivate through an examination of various forms of social activism in a working-class district in Osaka. He has recently explored how rural youth in Japan navigate the divided society. Additionally, he is planning to investigate how Korean and Japanese undergraduate students perceive university admission systems, as well as how elementary and junior-high schools in Korea assist multiethnic children in achieving academic success.