Registration for 2023 Fall Semester (Registration, Return, Readmission, Leave of Absence)

Official Notice

The application period for Registration, Return, Readmission, and Leave of Absence for the 

Fall Semester of 2023 is as follows:


1. Registration period for enrolling, returning, and readmitting students:

1) Registration period: August 21 ~  August 25, 2023

2) Location: Any branch of Nonghyup, Shinhan Bank, or Woori Bank


2. Application for Return


1) Period: June 15 ~ August 31, 2023

2) Procedure:

(1) Login to the SNU Portal ( → 학사정보(Academic Affairs) → 학적변동(Change Student Status)→복학 (Return School)

(2) Click "신청" button → select "일반복학"(General Return) or "군 복학"(Military Service Return) → click "반영" button after verifying your cell phone number → Advisor's Approval by online

* Course registration does not replace an application for return. Therefore, even if you have registered for classes, you must apply for return.


(3) Application for students who were on military service leave and are returning 

 • Application period: 2023. 6. 15.(Thus) ~ 2023. 9. 25.(Mon)

- If you will be registering after the given period, you must check your return status (military service return) by September 22 (Fri) and complete tuition payment.

• How to register: SNU Portal ( → 학사정보(Academic Affairs) → 학적변동(Change Student Status)→ 휴학·복학 (Leave/ Return)

• Required documents 

- 1/4 of the number of school days; for those who have been discharged before September 25, 2023 (Mon): A copy of the certificate of military service or completion, etc.

- 1/4 of the number of school days; those who have been discharged after September 25, 2023 (Mon)


Required Documents

Additional Information

In case vacation days (annual leave) can be used consecutively from 1/4 of the number of school days to the day of discharge

Certificate of expected discharge, copy of vacation certificate until the expected date of discharge, and study (return) approval letter from the unit commander

① Even if you are returning to school before completing military service, there should be no difficulties with your military service and school obligations, and normal academic administration should not be hindered.

② Studying during military service shall not be restricted in accordance with related laws such as the Military Service Act


If vacation days (annual leave) cannot be used consecutively from 1/4 of the number of school days to the day of discharge

Certificate of expected discharge, copy of vacation certificate for class days, study (return) approval letter from unit commander, recommendation letter from advisor or department head, student confirmation


3) Confirmation: login to the SNU Portal ( → 학사정보(Academic Affairs) → 학적변동 (Change Student Status)



전공주임교수 (Program Chair Professor)

국제통상 (Int’l Commerce)

이영섭 (Prof. Rhee, Yeongseop)

국제협력 (Int’l Cooperation)

이근 (Prof. Lee, Geun)

국제개발 (Int'l Development)

정혁 (Prof. Jeong, Hyeok)

국제지역학 (Int’l Area Studies)

문우식 (Prof. Moon, Woo-Sik)

한국학 (Korean Studies)

은기수 (Prof. Eun, Ki-Soo)

박사과정 (Doctoral Program)

이수형 (Prof. Lee, Soohyung)


3. Petition for Reinstatement/Readmission


1) Application Submission Period

- 1st period: June 15 ~ June 23, 2023

- 2nd period: July 3 ~ July 14, 2023

2) Procedure: Submit the document (Petition for Reinstatement and Readmission) to the GSIS Administration Office (

3) Reinstatement (School regulations Chapter 59)

- If a student is dismissed due to failure of registration, he/she can be reinstated within one year only when the department has extra space. Reinstatement is permitted only once throughout a student's enrollment.

4) Readmission (School Regulations Chapter 60)

- If a student was either expelled or dismissed from the school for reasons other than not registering, he/she is permitted to re-register only if the department he/she wishes to enter has extra space.

- If a student was removed from the school register because of disciplinary measures, exceeding the maximum number of terms in the school or expulsion, he/she does not qualify for readmission.

Readmission is allowed only once.

- Applicants who have been granted permission for return and readmission must register during the registration period, and if not registered, they must submit an application forfeiting their return or readmission status. (Cannot apply for leave of absence before the start of semester, and cannot apply for a refund of tuition when applying for a leave of absence after the start of the semester)


4. Leave of Absence


1) Period:

(1) Before Payment: June 15 ~ September 25, 2023 (1/4 of the class days)

(2) After Payment: August 21 ~ October 25, 2023 (No General leave of absence after 2/4 of class days)

※ Students who wish to take a leave of absence after registering must pay their tuition during the registration period and then apply for a leave of absence. (After taking a leave, you will not be able to print out your tuition slip.) 

※ Those who are paying their tuition in installments must pay their tuition in full to take a leave of absence. 


2) Procedure:

(1) Login to the SNU Portal ( → 학사정보(Afademic Affairs) → 학적변동(Change Student Status)→휴학 (Leave of Absence)

(2) Click "신청" ("Register") button → select "가사휴학"(General Leave of Absence), "질병휴학"(Leave of Absence due to Health Reasons), or "군 휴학"(Military Service Leave of Absence) → select the reason for leave of absence → click "반영" button after verifying your cell phone number → Advisor's Approval by online

(3)Confirmation: login to the SNU Portal ( → 학사정보(Academic Affairs) → 학적변동 (Change Student Status)

* Leave of Absence is only valid for two academic semesters (totaling to one calendar year). If a student has taken a Leave of Absence for a year, he/she must re-apply for Leave of Absence or apply for Returning to school.

• Students whose leave of absence period ends must apply for a return or leave of absence again (suspension if not fulfilled)

• Students whose leave of absence period has exceeded the 2nd semester of 2023 must return to school (suspension if not fulfilled)

* The aggregate term of absence cannot exceed four semesters for graduate students in a master’s program and six semesters for students in a doctoral program (excluding Military Service Leave of Absence, Leave of Absence due to Delivery). You will be dismissed from the school if you exceed these time allotments. Students whose Leave of Absence exceeds the given allotments MUST return no matter when one has taken the Leave of Absence.


(4) Confirmation: login to the SNU Portal ( → 학사행정 → 학적변동 (click on the fourth tab)


5. Others


1) Those who have taken a leave of absence after paying tuition do not need to pay again, but only need to submit a form for re-enrollment.

(Students who have registered for more than four semesters may be charged with a different tuition fee depending on the number of credits. Please check this amount on your 'Invoice of Tuition Fees.')

* For graduate students, a minimum of four semesters is required in order to graduate.

2) Students who exceed their fourth semester and fail to register for classes will not be registered and will be dismissed.

The students must register for one class at least to maintain student status.

* Eight semesters is the maximum number of semesters Master’s candidates may enroll in; twelve semesters is the maximum number of semesters that doctoral candidates may enroll in.


2023학년도 2학기 등록기간 안내


.등록(재학생복학생복적  재입학생)

1. 기간 : 2023. 8. 21.(월) ~ 2023. 8. 25.(금), 5일간

2. 장소 : 농협중앙회, 신한은행 및 우리은행 전국 소재 지점


복학(), 재입학(복적)


1. 복학()

1) 신청기간 : 2023. 6. 15.(목) ~ 2023. 8. 31.(목)

2) 신청방법

- 서울대학교 포털 → 학사정보 → 학적변동(신청) → 휴학·복학  ※ 신청서 제출 대상인 경우 학과(부)로 제출

- 수강신청이 복학신청을 대신하지 않으므로 수강신청을 하였어도 반드시 복학(신청하여야 


2.  휴학생의 복학(신청

1) 신청기간: 2023. 6. 15.(목) ~ 2023. 9. 25.(월)

- 본 등록기간 이후 신청할 경우 9. 22.()까지 반드시 복학() 학적반영 후, 등록금 납부 완료까지 확인할 것

2) 신청방법 : 서울대학교 포털 → 학사정보 → 학적변동(신청) → 휴학·복학

3) 구비서류 및 검토사항

- 수업일수 4분의 1선 2023. 9. 25.(월) 이전 전역자: 병적증명서 또는 전역증 사본 등

- 수업일수 4분의 1선2023. 9. 25.(월) 이후 전역자


구 분

제출 서류


수업일수 4분의 1선부터 전역일까지 연속하여 휴가(연가)를 사용할 수 있는 경우

전역예정증명서, 전역예정일까지의 휴가증 사본, 소속 부대장의 수학(복학)승인서

① 군 복무를 마치기 전에 복학을 하여도 군 복무와 학교 수학에 무리가 없고, 정상적인 학사행정에 지장을 초래하지 않을 것

② 병역법령 등 관련 법령에 따라 복무 중 수학이 제한되지 않을 것

수업일수 4분의 1선부터 전역일까지 연속하여 휴가(연가)를 사용할 수 없는 경우

전역예정증명서, 수업이 있는 날의 휴가증 사본, 소속 부대장의 수학(복학)승인서, 지도교수 또는 학과장 추천서, 학생 확인서

3. 복적  재입학

1) 신청기간 : (1차) 2023. 6. 15.(목) ~ 2023. 6. 23.(금), (2차) 2023. 7. 3.(월) ~ 2023. 7. 14.(금)

2) 신청방법 : 학과 사무실에 신청서 제출 (인터넷으로만 신청 불가)

- 2차 재입학(복적)은 1차 재입학(복적) 허가 후 잔여 여석이 있는 경우에 한하여 신청 가능

- 복적 및 재입학을 허가받은 자는 등록기간 중에 반드시 등록을 해야 함

  * 등록기간 내 등록하지 않을 경우 복적 및 재입학 포기원서를 제출하여야 함. (개강일 이전 휴학 신청 불가, 개강일 이후 휴학 신청 시 등록금 반환 신청 불가)


4. 처리 확인 : 서울대학교 포털 → 학사정보 → 나의정보(종합정보) → 종합신청정보




1. 신청기간

1) 미등록 휴학 : 2023. 6. 15.(목) ~ 2023. 9. 25.(월) (수업일수 4분의 1선 이내)

2) 등록  휴학 : 2023. 8. 21.(월) ~ 2023. 10. 25.(수) (수업일수 4분의 2선 이후 가사휴학 불가)

※ 등록 후 휴학하고자 하는 학생은 반드시 등록기간에 등록금을 납부한 후 휴학 신청을 하여야 함(휴학신청 후에는 등록금 고지서 출력 불가)

※ 등록금 분납 중인 자는 완납하여야 휴학 가능

2. 신청방법 : 서울대학교 포털 → 학사정보 → 학적변동(신청) → 휴학·복학

- 가사휴학 외의 휴학은 증빙서류를 첨부하여야 승인 가능

- 창업휴학은 학사과에 공문으로 승인 요청하여야 함

3. 휴학의 유효기간 : 1년(2개 학기)

휴학기간이 종료되는 학생은 복학(또는 휴학을 다시 신청하여야 (미신청  제적)

2023학년도 2학기에 휴학연한이 초과되는 학생은 반드시 복학()하여야 (미신청  제적)

※ 휴학연한(총 휴학 기간) : 학사과정 6학기, 석사과정 4학기, 박사과정 6학기, 석·박사통합과정 8학기

※ 휴학연한에 산입되지 않는 휴학기간 : 군휴학(복무기간), 임신·출산휴학(2학기), 육아휴학(4학기), 질병휴학(4학기), 창업휴학(2학기), 권고휴학(4학기)



1. 수업연한을 초과한 학생(수업연한 : 학사 8학기, 석·박사 4학기)

- 수강신청 학점에 따른 차액이 발생할 수 있으므로 등록금 고지서의 금액을 확인(등록 후 휴학생 포함)

수강신청이나 휴학을 하지 않을 경우 제적처리


2. 기타 문의사항







휴·복학 및 재입학(복적) 등 학적변동

소속 대학(원) 학과(부) 사무실 및 교무행정실

각 행정실

수강신청 관련



등록금 분납

등록금 관련





880-5032, 5033,

5034, 5035

장학금, 학자금

융자 관련


880-5078, 5079