GSIS DCPP사무국 프로그램 조교 선발공고 SNU GSIS DCPP OFFICE RECRUITING: Program Assistant

Official Notice

우리 대학원 KOICA DCPP 사무국의 프로그램 조교를 선발하고자 하오니 관심있는 학생들께서는 붙임의 안내문을 확인하여 주시기 바랍니다.

- 모집인원 : 1명

- 자격 : 국제대학원 재학생 또는 휴학생(한국어/영어 능통자)

- 근로기간 : 최소 1학기

- 근로조건 : 시급 1만원

- 근무시작 : 2023년 5월 중 협의

- 지원서류 : 이력서

- 지원기간 : 2022. 5. 28.(일) 까지

- 면접기간: 상시 면접

- 제출방법 : koica.snu@gmail.com로 이메일

- 문의 : DCPP 사무국(02-880-6877)

- 기타 : 서류전형 합격시 개발 연락하여 면접일 공지 예정, 적격자가 없을 시 선발하지 않을 수 있음.

As students of GSIS may already know, the DCPP (Development Cooperation Policy Program) is a program inviting public officers from developing countries all around the world to study here at SNU. 

We are currently recruiting one Program Assistant (PA) to work with us starting in May.

If you are interested in development and connecting with students from developing countries, please consider applying for this position!


- Replying to e-mails.

- Answering phone calls.

- Organizing and hosting events (Seminars, Field-trips, Conference, etc.).

Language requirements:

- English (fluent) – you will have to write formal e-mails and assist students in English.

- Korean (fluent) – the language used at the office and when answering phone calls is Korean.

- Spanish and French are appreciated but not at all mandatory.

Other requirements:

- Be enrolled at SNU GSIS. (Students on leave of absence and GKS students can apply.)

- Be available to work during school holidays, including after the end of the winter and summer semesters.

Duration: 1 semester or more

Hourly wage: 10,000KRW (before tax)

Work hours: 1~2 days/week (10:00-12:00/13:00-17:00) or 6~8 hours/week (2 mornings or 2 afternoon shifts a week)

Application period: May 16, 2023 – May 28, 2023 (interviews will be conducted in May or in June)

Application documents: CV (in English or Korean) to send to with the title (Student Name)_PA Application

Please call 02-880-6877 or send an email to if you have any inquiries.