Modification of the Certificate of Admission Issuance Process_유학생 표준입학허가서 발급 절차 개선 안내

Official Notice

유학비자(D-2) 발급에 필요한 표준입학허가서 발급의 대상자를 확대하여 발급하고자 하오니 학생분들은 참고하시기 바랍니다.
We would like to expand the number of people eligible for the Certificate of Admission Issuance required to issue a student visa (D-2), so please refer to it.

○ 변경사항 Modifications



기존 Before Modification

개선 After Modification



신입생 및 복학생
Freshmen and those returning to school

신입생 및 복학생 + 수료생 중 희망자*
Freshmen and those returning to school + Applicants among graduates*

발급 시 수학기간

Academic period after issuance


수학연한 안에서 발급
 (변동사항 없음)
Issued within the academic year
 (no changes)

수학연한 6개월
A six-month academic year


* 수료생의 경우 학부생(초과학기자) 입학 후 6년, 석사 최대 5년, 박사 최대 7년 내 한함.(석박사 통합인 경우 최대 8년).
For graduates, 6 years after entering undergraduate (over-registered students), up to 5 years of master's degree, and up to 7 years of doctor's degree (up to 8 years for master's and doctorate integration).

  ※ 표준입학허가서 상 교육기간은 서울대학교 학칙 제52조(수업연한) 규정을 따름
According to the Certificate of Admission Issuance, the period of education shall be in accordance with the provisions of Article 52 of the Seoul National University School Regulations.

  ※ 수료생 중 희망자의 경우 연구생 등록을 마치고(① 확인 증명서 첨부), ② 신청서 및 ③ 지도교수 확인서(자율양식)를 첨부하여 각 대학(원)에서 공문으로 요청한 자에 한해 발급
For those who wish to apply among the graduates, only those who have registered as researchers (①with certificate of confirmation), ②application form, and ③confirmation form of faculty advisor (autonomous form) are issued after being requested officially by each university.


○ 기타사항 Additionals

  - 법무부 체류관리과「외국인 유학생 사증발급 및 체류관리지침」을 준용하여 표준입학허가서 발급기준에 따라 수학능력 및 재정능력은 동일하게 심사진행

The 「Guidelines for Issuing Foreign Student Visa and Residence Management」 by the Ministry of Justice's Residence & VISA Division is applied. In accordance with the standards for issuing the Certificate of Admission Issuance, the examination of the academic ability and financial ability will be conducted equally.