Quarantine rules at school and Vaccination Reservation guide for foreign nationals in Korea

Official Notice

Quarantine rules at school

If you have suspicious sysmptoms of CORONA-19 (fever above 37.5, cough, sorethroat, etc.) inform your parents and teacher, and visit a screening clinic to take treatment and test.


●Vaccination Reservation guide for foreign nationals in Korea

Foreign nationals can book their COVID vaccine by using the same method offered to Korean nationals.

1. You can book your vaccination date in line with the national vaccination plan as guided by "코로나19 백신 예방접종 계획(vaccination schedule plan)" if you are a registered foreign national, You can book a date via online or telephone.

* Both you and your agent can make reservations.

2. Foreign nationals without a registration number CANNOT book their vaccine via online or telephone.

3. Short-term visitors, who are staying in Korea for less than 90 days for tourism etc. are not eligible for vaccination in Korea.


For more information, please find the attached about quarantine rules at school and vaccination guide for foreign nationals in Korea.


Attachment1. Corona19 Quarantine Rules to follow at School (translated in multi languages)

Attachment2. Vaccination guide for foreign nationals in Korea (translated in multi languages)