SNU COVID-19 Case Report (Jan.8)

Official Notice

SNU COVID-19 Case Report (on January 8)

SNU is currently closely monitoring the situation and posts the travel routes through the website to curb the spread of COVID-19. In compliance to the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters, travel routes of the confirmed patient are to be announced for 14 days from the last day that the confirmed patient made contact with others.

* If student has moved to the following route at the same time or contacted the confirmed patient, please contact us via email (

○ On-campus Travel Routes

Date Time Travel Route
1/3 16:00~ 관악학생생활관 922동 (dormitory, Bldg 922)
18:09 919동 식당 (Cafeteria, Bldg 919)
18:20 919동 편의점 (Convenience store, Bldg 919)
1/4   관악학생생활관 922동 (dormitory, Bldg 922)
12:26 901동 식당 (cafeteria, Bldg 901)
13:00~15:00 200동 상록관 5층(왕복 셔틀 이동) (5th floor, Bldg 200) (by shuttle bus)
18:12 919동 식당 (Cafeteria, Bldg 919)
18:24 919동 편의점 (Convenience store, Bldg 919)
1/5   관악학생생활관 922동 (dormitory, Bldg 922)
11:38 919동 식당 (cafeteria, Bldg 919)
13:00~14:15 200동 상록관 5층(셔틀 이동) (5th floor, Bldg 200) (by shuttle bus)
14:28 16-1동 편의점 (Convenience store, Bldg 16-1)
18:19 919동 식당 (Cafeteria, Bldg 919)
1/6   관악학생생활관 922동 (dormitory, Bldg 922)
11:51 901동 식당 (cafeteria, Bldg 901)
17:41 919동 식당 (Cafeteria, Bldg 919)
17:59 919동 편의점(Convenience store, Bldg 919)
1/7   관악학생생활관 922동 (dormitory, Bldg 922)
11:19 900동 지하1층 (1st basement, Bldg 900)
11:30 919동 식당 (Cafeteria, Bldg 919)
12:25 임시선별진료소에서 검사(왕복 도보 이동) (tested at a temporary COVID-19 screening clinic) (by walk)
1/7   코로나19 검사 실시(tested for COVID-19)
1/8   코로나19 확진 판정(tested positive)


※ The travel routes above have been investigated by SNU Epidemiological Survey Team. For off-campus routes, please refer to Gwanak-gu Public Health Center's announcements.

※ All SNU members are advised to refer to Response to COVID-19 Occurrences on Campus (교내 확진환자 발생 시 구성원 대응지침) for further guidance.