Online courses on Research Ethics (For Students who entered 2020)

Official Notice

Incoming students who entered 2020 spring or fall semester need to take the online courses on research ethics.

It is strong recommended to take the online course about research ethics by SNU.

There seem to be a lot of students in GSIS-SNU who haven't taken it yet.

Please access the site by following steps and take the course.

1. Please visit to website (

2. Please make your ID & PW.

3. Login -> Click 'English' on the top of site. -> Search 'Ethics' -> Select the course ('Research ethics for graduate students(Hummanity and Social Science)' ).  Then, you can take the course in English.

Please see the manual in English by attached file.

After taking the course, please print out the certificate and send it to admin. office of GSIS at

Student can take the course until September 30, 2020.