Guideline of Submission for Thesis (PDF & Binding Thesis)

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Guideline of Submission for Thesis (PDF & Binding Thesis)

* Due to COVID-19, students need to submit the binding thesis to admin. office of GSIS (NOT central library).


제출절차(Submission Process)


~ 20207월 초순

 ~ early July 2020

서체, 글씨 크기, 여백 등은 제본 및 파일 변환시의 오류를 줄이기 위한 권장사항임.

Guide for font types, font sizes, margins is recommendations to reduce errors occurring while binding and making file conversions

‘학위논문 제본 및 인쇄요령’ 및 ‘양식(Template)’을 참고하여 논문작성

Write academic thesis referring to the guideline for thesis binding and printing method


논문심사 종료

~20207월 중순



Thesis Examination

~ mid July, 2020

온라인(PDF) 제출용 파일 준비

Preparation of PDF file for online submission

논문구성(Thesis Components)


표제지(cover page)


인준지(stamp page)

원문 이용에 대한 동의서 (Thesis and Dissertation Deposit Agreement Form)

*Only original copy of binding thesis should be included “Thesis and Dissertation Deposit Agreement Form”.


(원본 1부에만 필수)



목차(table of contents)






부록(appendix), 색인(index), 기타(etc.)

외국어 초록(abstract in foreign language)

감사의 글(letter of thanks)


O : Thesis Components


▲: Optional
X : Non-Thesis Components





Student should make the stamp page and get committee members’ seal on the page. This page should be included on binding thesis.


학위논문 온라인(PDF) 파일 제출

Submission of PDF ver. of thesis


~ before submission of printed ver. of thesis

- ->”도서관서비스(Using the Libraries)” -> “학위논문제출(Thesis Submission)”-> “학위논문온라인제출 바로가기 (

-온라인 파일 제출 완료시 ‘미승인’상태로 수정 가능함

Able to modify to “unauthorized” status after the submission of PDF ver.

-인쇄 논문 제출시 제출확인서가 발급되고, ‘승인’처리 되므로 이후 수정을 불가능함.

Unable to modify after submitting printed ver. and receiving confirmation slip for submission



인쇄본 논문 제출

[Submission of printed ver. of thesis]


대리인 제출 가능

(It can be submitted by others.)


국제대학원에 제출

(to GSIS admin. office)




July 28 (Tue.) 2020


July 30 (Thu.) 2020

1) 온라인논문 제출 여부 확인 Confirmation for online submission

‘학위논문 온라인 제출’ 홈페이지(>dCollection) 통해 온라인 제출완료 여부 확인서 출력

Print the “Confirmation for online submission via webpage

(> dCollection)

2) 미반납 도서 확인 Confirmation of late charge, any non-returned books from SNU Central Library

Payment for late charge should be made to central delivery room in SNU Central Library and completion of return commitment form

3) 원본 1부 제출 Submission of 1 copy of binding thesis : to GSIS admin. office

(NOT central library)

인준지, 학위논문 원문 이용에 대한 동의서’ 포함하여 제출

(동의서 미포함하여 제출하였을 경우: 제출데스크 옆에 준비된 동의서 양식을 수기로 작성하여 붙여서 제출)

Including stamp page, “Thesis and Dissertation Deposit Agreement Form”

(In case “Thesis and Dissertation Deposit Agreement Form” is not included, please complete the “Thesis and Dissertation Deposit Agreement Form” prepared on the submission desk (students may hand-write the form)

4) 복사본 3부 제출 Submission of 3 copies of binding thesis : to GSIS admin. office (NOT central library)


‘학위논문 원문 이용에 대한 동의서’제외 (동의서를 포함하여 제본하였을 경우 잘라서 제출)

Excluding the “Thesis and Dissertation Deposit Agreement Form” (In case binding has been made including that form, please detach the form before submitting the thesis copies)


‘감사의 글’ 제외 가능(제출자 선택사항) May exclude letter of thanks (optional)

학위논문 공개유보(비공개) 희망자 신청

Application for deferral of public opening of academic thesis (optional).

~July 20 (Mon.) 2020

국제대학원 행정실에 신청서 제출함(희망자에 한함)

Submit the form to GSIS Administrations Office (optional)