[Distribution] Mask for GSIS Internstional Student (only April 24, 2020)

Official Notice

[Mask for GSIS internstionsl student]

The masks we ordered in early March for international students of GSIS have arrived.

Please pick up the mask from GSIS. We don't distribute it on other days due to work.

International student who need the mask visit to GSIS and pick it up on April 24, 2020.

(* Someone instead of you can pick it up for you.)


Who : International (registered in spring semester of 2020) Student (regular student, research student, exchange student) , except of DCPP student

When: 9:30 ~ 15:30, April 24 (Friday), 2020 (only 1 day)

Where : Entrance of GSIS Building (140-1 Dong)

What :  6 masks /1 person