Notice on Non-face-to-face Class in March(3월 비대면 수업 진행 안내)

Official Notice

This is to inform you about our decision to minimize the impact of COVID-19 outbreak on campus

Due to the situation, all GSIS courses will be replaced with non-face-to-face classes for 2 weeks. (from Mar. 16th to Mar. 29th., subject to change based on further situation.)

Professors will notify registered students about their decision on class plans from next week.

Following is the list of possible options the professors may choose.

1. Real-time Online class: Zoom(, Youtube streaming etc.
2. eTL
  1) Taking recorded lecture by the professor
  2) Taking SNUON class
  3) Taking K-MOOC class
3. Substitutional paper, quiz, assignment, online discussion and feedback

To fully achieve the goal of this measure, please refrain from any kind of outdoor activity during its period.

Additional notice on course registration and over-riding will be posted soon.



Q1. How can I take a course with the Zoom?

A1. Class will be on same time as current timetable. Professor will send you a link of the classroom by email. Students don’t need to sign up and login for participation, but the program/application should be downloaded in advance. Entering the room, you should fill out a name which can be used for attendance check.


Q2. What if I cannot attend to Zoom class on time?

A2. It’s considered as an absence. Professor will inform you in advance whether they will offer recorded version of the class.


Q3. Will there be assignments or tests?

A3. For assignments, professor can use eTL’s assignment notice/submission system. But tests will be decided later by each professor.


Q4. How does online discussion work?

A4. There is a discussion board on eTL. Student can participate in it when professor open a thread.



Also, OIA offers comprehensive guide on COVID-19 impact. Link:



[한국어를 이해하는 학생들께서는 첨부파일에 자세한 안내가 되어 있으니 첨부파일을 참고해주시기 바랍니다.]