A Call for SNU Global Scholarship Applications for Spring 2020

Official Notice

Seoul National University (hereinafter SNU) is proud to announce the beginning of its acceptance for SNU Global Scholarship application for Spring semester of 2020. SNU Global Scholarship is designed to enable highly competitive students to concentrate on their research and to promote global research environment at SNU.

■ SNU Global Scholarship for Spring 2020

1. Scholarship Summary
 - There are 3 types of scholarships in SNU Global Scholarship.
 - Applicants may apply for more than one scholarship among these 3 types.

2. Eligibility : International student of GSIS
 - An applicant must be a candidate for a master’s degree or a PhD and have taken 9 credits or more (except Dissertation Research) at the previous semester (Fall 2019).
 - In principle, those who just return after taking leave of absence are NOT qualified.
 - In principle, newly admitted students or who have registered more than 4 semesters are NOT qualified. (have few chance to be selected)
(☞ above three conditions do NOT refer to Type 3 scholarship)

3. Scholarship
 1) SNU Global Scholarship 1 (Type 1) (only for those with career in a public sector)
 : Tuition, Living Allowance
 (monthly KRW 1,200,000), Round-trip Airfare (only for freshman)

2) SNU Global Scholarship 2 (Type 2)
 : Tuition

3) Korean Language Special Program (Type 3)
 : Tuition for Korean Language evening class
 at the Language Education Institute of SNU (for 1 session, 10 weeks)

※ KLP Applicants MUST complete the ONLINE application for the program by Jan. 31 (Fri.), 2020. Otherwise, scholarship selection might be cancelled.
※ The previous cancellation of Korean Language Program is considered as you renounced your scholarship last semester and will result in disadvantages for Spring 2020 scholarship selection.
※ Korean Language Program application is available at: http://lei.snu.ac.kr/site/en/klec/evening/application.jsp

4. Subsidized Period
 - Type 1 or 2: 1 or 2 semesters
 - Type 3: 1 session (10 weeks)

※ Please note that the recipients of the SNU Global Scholarship Program might be restricted from taking leave of absence. For leave of absence, recipients should contact OIA and the GSIS Administration Office in advance.

※ Scholarship may be renewed on an academic semester basis; the recipients must maintain an average grade point level of 3.0 out of 4.3.

5. Required documents
1) Application form (mandatory, attached at the bottom)

2) Certificate of work experience in public sector (if applicable)
  ※ Those who want to submit documents that prove financial circumstances in family, please submit them to the GSIS administration office (140-1, #302). They will be referred in a selection process.
    - Official document indicating parent-child relationship between the applicant and parents
    - Official document of annual income (2018) of both parents
    (※ Should be notarized in Korean or English)

6. Submission
1) Please submit the application form and other required documents (if applicable) by post or in person to the GSIS administration office (140-1 bldg., #302).
※ Address
: 1 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (08826), 
Administration Office at Graduate School of International Studies (140-1 bldg., #302), Seoul National University, 
GSIS Scholarship Coordinator
2) We ask you to send an email as well to seraphim38@snu.ac.kr with the application form to double check your application.

7. Application Period : November  11th (Mon.) ~ December 6th (Fri.) 17:00, 2019
(※ No acceptance after the deadline)

8. Result Announcement : In January(will be updated)
※ Only those finally selected will be contacted individually by email.

9. Inquiries
- Graduate School of International Studies(국제대학원) : gsisadmin@snu.ac.kr, +82-2-880-8505
- Office of International Affairs(국제협력본부): intlscholarship@snu.ac.kr, +82-2-880-2519

※ Attached File : Application Form