[Campus Asia] Field Trip to Sokcho

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2020-10-29 Last updated: 2020-11-03


On October 29th-30th, CAMPUS Asia students went to Sokcho field trip to explore and feel Korean culture. On the very first day, students arrived at the accommodation and walked Badahyanggi-ro sea walk to see beautiful East Sea view of Korea. After that, students went to eat Sokcho’s famous food red crab. After dinner, students and the professor had a seminar and discussed various international issues, including US-CHINA trade war, US election, and East Asia relations. There were heated debates and discussions over those issues and students freely shared their arguments and knowledge.


Next day morning, students headed to Seoraksan Mountain, which is the national park in South Korea and listed by the South Korean government with UNESCO as a tentative World Heritage site. Students boarded on the cable car to go to the high mountain viewpoint and enjoyed a beautiful leaf-peeping. Of course, Pajeon was the menu for lunch with a great Seoraksan view. Last but not least, students headed to Kensington Hotel and enjoyed the coffee break, a hotel which was once used as former president Park Chung-hee’s villa. Professor gave short background information about Korean history during president Park’s era and students showed great interest.


Through the Sokcho trip, CAMPUS Asia students were able to truly experience the Korean culture and typical Korean mountain view as well as sea view. Not only that, it was a great opportunity for students to gather and discuss their opinion regarding ongoing issues with the professor.