Commemoration of IIA Renewal Opening

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2020-03-02 Last updated: 2020-03-03

On March 2, 2020, SNU GSIS faculty and administration staff convened at the Institute of International Affairs (IIA) to celebrate renewal and reopening of IIA.

Although IIA has been officially founded as GSIS’s major research institute since 2004 and been publishing two established KCI journals on international and regional affairs (RIAS & JIAS), IIA’s independent research activities had yet to reach its full potential.

Recently, under the auspices of SK Holdings, unconditional support and guidance from SNU GSIS Dean Jeong Jong-Ho, and leadership of IIA Director Park Cheol-hee, IIA has set for major reorganization and reform of the institute, including complete new construction of the space for IIA.

Although the ceremony was downscaled due to rapid aggravation of corona virus, the event marked IIA’s new leap towards becoming nationally and globally renowned research institute of SNU GSIS and beyond.