[Campus Asia] Field Trip to Jeju

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2019-12-18 Last updated: 2019-12-24

On December 18th-20th, CAMPUS Asia students went on the third and the last field trip of this semester. Students visited Seongsan Ilchulbong on the first day, and had a final presentation along with a special workshop lectured by professor Ahn Jae Bin. The seminar was about US-China trade war, and there were a lot of questions went around after the talk.

On the second day, the team went for 4.3 Peace Park Memorial to have a deep insight on tragedy happened in Korean history and human history as well. Students were very much interested in the incident, and there were many questions raised by students to the docent guide. After that, they went to Jeju folk village to have a real experience of Jeju’s traditional lifestyles. Last but not least, they went to Hueli to relax and enjoy the nature of camellia and picked mandarins by themselves.

On the very last day, after having a breakfast, they went to a café to enjoy scenery of beautiful Jeju beach. Through the Jeju trip, CAMPUS Asia students was able to acquire deeper knowledge about Korean history by exploring the area distant from the mainland Korea.