[Global Strategy Seminar] Understanding the Indo-Pacific through Japan’s Regional Role: Implications for Korea

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2019-10-30 Last updated: 2019-11-04

“Understanding the Indo-Pacific through Japan’s Regional Role: Implications for Korea”

- Date: October 30 (Wed), 15:00-17:00

- Location: Global Strategy Room (Building 140-1, #201), GSIS SNU

- Hosted by: Institute of International Affairs (IIA)

- Language: English


On October 30 (Wed), 2019, Institute of International Affairs (IIA), GSIS SNU, invited Gordon Flake (Chief Executive Officer at Perth USAsia Center), Kyle Springer (Senior Analyst at Perth USAsia Center), and Tomoo Kikuchi (Associate Professor, Korea University) to speak at the Global Strategy Seminar, entitled, “Understanding the Indo-Pacific through Japan’s Regional Role: Implications for Korea.” The session was moderated by Cheol-hee Park, Director of IIA and Professor at SNU GSIS. The seminar dealt with the topics on Indo-Pacific, South Korea's presence and role in the initiative, as well as the issues addressed in the speakers' recent 2019 publication, Implementing the Indo-Pacific Japan’s Region Building Initiatives (Edited Volume by Kyle Springer on 26 August 2019, Perth USAsia Centre).