[Asia and the World] 김정은의 비핵화 동기와 북한경제

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2019-09-16 Last updated: 2019-09-19

Lee Jong-Seok, a Senior Research Fellow in the Sejong Institute and former Minister of Unification delivered a special lecture on Monday, Sep 16, 2019 at the International conference Hall at GSIS. The lecture presented by Professor Lee Jong-Seok, sponsored by Toyota Motor Korea, was titled “김정은의 비핵화 동기와 북한경제”.

During this lecture, Professor Lee Jong-Seok gave his insight on the North Korea unclear issue and South-North Korea relation. He especially argued the strategic change of North Korea from military-oriented to economy-oriented. The lecture concluded with an informative Q & A session, the presentation of the appreciation plaque, and finally a photo session.