[EU Centre] Leadership series-Discovery of Italy

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2019-06-13 Last updated: 2019-06-18

On June 13th 2019, the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence (EU Centre) welcomed His Excellency Federico Failla, Ambassador of Italy to the Republic of Korea, to a special lecture entitled ‘Leadership Series. Discovery of Italy. Italy in Korea’ at GSIS Global Strategy Room. With a warm welcoming speech from Professor Moon, Woosik, the Ambassador firstly introduced the Embassy’s goal: 1) to strengthen political relations and security cooperation between Italy and Korea; 2) to provide a better platform to promote the Italian culture and language in Korea; 3) to enhance contacts and strengthen people-to-people exchange. During his presentation, he emphasises the importance of stronger cultural cooperation between Korea and Italy because strong cultural background heritage connects politics together through preserving the memories in an international approach. Following the end of the presentation, students were given the opportunity to ask questions to the Ambassador.

As a concluding remark, the Ambassador mentioned the importance of creating closer networks between Korea and Italy, and allow students to have richer understandings of European affairs.