Retirement Lecture of Professor Young-Hae Han

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2019-06-03 Last updated: 2019-06-17

On June 3rd 2019, a retirement memorial lecture by Professor Han was given at GSIS Sochoen Hall. Professor Han, who has joined GSIS since 2004 and has devoted her life for studies on Japanese society, is to retire at the end of this semester. The dean of GSIS Professor Jeong Jong Ho delivered a heartwarming opening speech about the contributions she made to GSIS, SNU Institute for Japanese Studies (IJS), and the field of Japanese area studies. Professor Kim Hyun-Chul, Professor Han’s daughter, and a student of Professor Han proceeded to share their beautiful personal memories with her. Students who could not attend the memorial lecture sent video messages to celebrate her retirement. Finally, Professor Han gave a short lecture on how she had come to study Japan as a sociologist and become the scholar that she is today. The lecture was followed by photo shoots with her colleagues and students.