[Campus Asia] Seoul Tour

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2019-03-29 Last updated: 2019-06-04

On March 29th, 2019, Campus Asia students joined the one-day Seoul Tour. They first visited Chagdeokgung Palace to view the face of the later stage of Choseon and tried to take a ‘yangban’ walk to fully feel the traditional Korean style in the Palace. Then, the students went around the Insadong street to enjoy the traditional artifacts and handicrafts. Also, the team went to the traditional Korean Tea House to take a rest and have tasty and delicious tea and snacks. After that, the members went to jongmyo shrine along with the tour guide for an hour, and subsequently they walk across the Changkyeonggung Palace and Guanggyang market to wrap up the day. For the finale, the tour was concluded with traditional Korean cuisine, Dumpling Hotpot, in Insadong.