GSIS offers a doctoral program for scholars who wish to advance their research and knowledge in the area of international and area studies. The program provides an extended and in-depth program in international cooperation, international commerce, and international area studies. After meeting their degree requirements, students are granted a Doctor of Philosophy in International Studies.

Degree Requirements

A minimum of 45 credits and submission of thesis
* For more detailed information, please refer to the Academic Requirements

Qualifying Examinations

Exam Subjects

Exam Subjects
DegreeForeign Language
Ph.D. English Not Required
International students from Non-English speaking regtion (students with International Area Studies Major and Korean Studies Minor) can choose Korean language instead of English.

For internationanl students who are from English speaking regions must choose one language from German, French, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese character, and Korean.

♣ For international students from English speaking region must choose one language from German, French, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese character, Korean.

English Proficiency Requirements

English Proficiency Requirements
DegreeProgram (Major)Minimum Score Requirement
Ph.D. International Studies TEPS: 751

* Note: Students who submitted test scores as part of their application for admission are not required to retake the English language tests, provided that the scores they submitted meets the minimum requirement score.

* Only IBT TOEFL scores or T
TEPS scores (within 2 years) are available (not CBT/PBT TOEFL scores).

Major Subjects of Qualifying Examination

International Studies Major 1 consultation with advisory professor  
Major 2 consultation with advisory professor  
Minor (select1) International Commerce International Economic Relations
International Business
International Trade Law
International Finance
Development Economy
consultation with advisory professor
International Cooperation International Politics
International Law
Cnternational Development
International Political Economy
International Area Studies China, Japan, Korean, America, Europe

♣ For major subjects of qualifying exam, the candidates should contact two full-time professors of GSIS.

Thesis by GSIS Students

Thesis by GSIS Students
Graduation DateNameTitle of the Thesis
February, 2012 Kyung-Han LIM US-Chinese Naval Security Competition Over the East Asian Seas Since the End of the Cold War
탈냉전 이후 아시아 해양에서의 미·중 해군 안보 경쟁
August, 2013 Hyo-young LEE A Legal and Economic Analysis of the Remedy System for Prohibited Subsidies in the WTO.
WTO 금지보조금 분쟁이행제도에 대한 법·경제학적 연구
February, 2014  Yu-Ree KIM North Korea between Reform and Security: The Interaction of Economic REforms and Security 'Environment in China and North Korea
August, 2014 Tan Soo Kee An Electric Approach to Enhancing he Competitive Advantage of Nations:  Analyzing the Success Factors of Easts Asia Economies with a Focus on the Development of South Korea
국가경쟁우위 향상을 위한 통합적 접근법:  동아시아 경제의 성공요인에 대한 분석-한국의 발전을 중심으로
August, 2014 Jim-myn PARC A Legal Analysis of "standard" in the WTO Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade WTO  무역기술장벽 협정의 표준에 관한 법적 연구
February, 2015 Jun-Hui LEE Risk FActors in Public Private Partnerships of Infrastructure in Developing Countries
개발도상국 인프라 민관협력 (Public-Private Partnerships)에 대한 리스크 요인 분석
February, 2015 Won-Kyu SHIN 

Economic Understanding of WTO Disputes:  Discrepancy between Legal Winning and Economic Gain of WTO Rulings
WTO 판정에 있어 법적 승소ㅇ와 경제적 승소의 불일치

February, 2015 Hee-Yong YANG

The Alliance Politics of Role-Playing :  A Study on the Intra-Alliance Dynamics of Post-Cold War U.S. Biklateral Alliance System in EAst Asia
역할 수행의 동맹정치학:  탈 냉전기 동북아 양자동맹 역학에 대한 연구

February, 2015  So-Hyun YIM

International Competitiveness of Business Ecosystem:  From Trade to Global Value Chain (GVC)
경영생태계의 국제경쟁력: 무역에서 글로벌 가치 사슬로

August, 2015 Ria CHAE

Making the Cold War Their Own:  Inter Korean RElations, 1971-1976
한반도 냉전의 내재화: 남북한 관계 1971-1976

February, 2016 Kadir AYHAN

Collaborative Public Diplomacy between the Government and NGOs in Korea, Japan and Turkey
정부와 NGO간 공공외교 협력에 대한 분석:  한국, 일본, 터키의 사례를 중심으로

February, 2016 Chong-Min KIM

A Study on the ROK-US Intellectual Property Rights Agreement (1986)
한미지식재산권 협정(1986)의 뱌걍, 과정 및 결과에 관한 연구

August, 2016 Hyun-Jung JE

An Analysis of Public-Private Relationships in Trade Policy making 
통상정책 결정과정에서의 민관의 관계에 대한 연구