Rhee, Yeongseop

Full-Time Professor

Rhee, Yeongseop / 李永燮

Professor of International Finance

Office : Room 613, Bldg 140-1

Tel. (82-2)-880-8511 Fax. (82-2)-879-1496

E-mail : ysrhee@snu.ac.kr

Assistant Contact : mlee52@snu.ac.kr


Mr. Yeongseop Rhee is a professor at the Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS) and a Finance and Economy Committee member, Seoul National University (SNU), and the President Elect of the Korea Money and Finance Association. He was a Jean Monnet Chair at GSIS, the director of SNU Institute for Research in Finance and Economics, a research fellow at the Korea Development Institute (KDI), a non-resident fellow at the Brookings Institution, a visiting research fellow at the IBER of UC Berkeley and the SSI of the University of Tokyo, and a professor of economics at the Sookmyung University. He has also served as the president of Korea International Finance Association, the president of EU Studies Association of Korea (EUSA-Korea) and a member of several government committees including Steering Committee of Korea Investment Corporation, Financial Development Review Committee (Ministry of Finance and Economy), Advisory Group for the Korea-US FTA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade), Political Party Committee (Korea National Election Commission), and many others. He received his BA and MA in economics at the Seoul National University and his MA in statistics and Ph.D. in economics at the University of California, Berkeley. He has written many books and articles on international economics, international finance, regional monetary and financial cooperation in East Asia, Asian currency crises, and the North Korean economy.

  • In English:

    • BOOKS (recent):
    • North Korea and Economic Integration in East Asia, Routledge, 2019 (co-authored with Patrick Messerlin)

    • International Finance (4th ed.), Yulgok Publishing Co., 2019 (in Korean: co-authored)

    • International Finance in a Globalized World (5th ed.), Sidaegachi, 2018 (in Korean: co-authored)

    • Strengthening Asian Financial Safeguards against Future Crisis Focusing on CMIM and AMRO, KDI-School, 2015 (co-authored with Kyung-Wook Hur)

    • Change of Policy Decision and Implementation Process and the Role of Economic Actors, Korea Development Institute, 2015 (in Korean: co-authored)

    • East Asian Economic Integration, Cengage and Learning, 2014 (co-authored)

    • Population Ageing and Private Pension Market Development, Seoul National University IRFE, 2014 (in Korean: co-authored)
    • Overcoming Financial Crises: The Korean Experience, SNU Press, 2013 (co-authored): selected as an excellent book of 2014 by the National Academy of Sciences, Republic of Korea
    • Government Bond Market Development: The Korean Experience, Ministry of Strategy and Finance, 2013
    • Introduction to Politics and Economy of Korea, Korea Foundation, 2013 (in Korean: co-authored)
    • International Finance (3rd ed.), Yulgok Publishing Co., 2013 (in Korean: co-authored)
    • International Economics (7th ed.), Dasan Publishing Co., 2013 (in Korean: co-authored)
    • Asian Monetary Integration: Coping with a New Monetary Order after the Global Crisis, Edward Elgar Publishing Lt., 2012 (co-authored)
    • Foreign Exchange Market: Theory and Practice, Yulgok Publishing Co., 2011 (in Korean: co-authored)
    • Global Economic and Social Trends: OECD and G20 Countries, Random House, 2010 (co-authored)
    • Restoring Financial Stability, Kyobobooks Co., 2009 (translation in Korean: co-authored)
    • International Finance in a Globalized World (4th ed.), Kyungmunsa, 2008 (in Korean: co-authored)
    • Monetary and Financial Integration in the Korean Peninsula, Korea Development Institute, 2002 (in Korean: co-authored)
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International Finance Regional Integration North Korean Economy


Understanding of International Economic Relations International Financial World: Markets, Institutions, and Policies Exchange Rates and International Macroeconomics Major Issues and Case Studies in International Finance