Upcoming Events


Event Date Title Name
2005-09-05 The Lisbon Agenda for More Growth and Employment in the EU DL admin
2005-06-10 Chinese Diaspora's Development in Central Asia DL admin
2005-06-09 Nationalism, Local Community, Globalization DL admin
2005-06-08 Historical Perspectives in North Korean Alliance Relationships DL admin
2005-06-08 Nationalism and Regional Integration:Europe and Northeast Asia in a Comparative Perspective DL admin
2005-05-30 International Banking(Case Study) - Asia Pulp and Paper Company Ltd. DL admin
2005-05-24 UN Reform with Special Emphasis on the Security Council Reform DL admin
2005-05-12 Three Approaches to East Asian Economic Cooperation DL admin
2005-05-04 International Justice in the 21st Century: the Role of the International Criminal Court DL admin
2005-04-07 Working for World Bank DL admin
2005-03-29 Toyota Way at Genba DL admin
2004-12-16 Geo-political Systems in East Asia and the Questions of Peace DL admin
2004-12-10 The Current State and Prospects of Northeast Asian Economic Integration: What the EU Tells Us DL admin
2004-11-17 Recent Developments in the European Union DL admin
2004-11-15 Globalization, Regionalization, and National Economic Policies:Lessons from the Italian and the Kor DL admin
2004-10-07 Self-transformation for Peace and Democracy in Northeast Asia DL admin
2004-06-17 EU Enlargement: What does It Change European Economic Geography? DL admin
2004-05-28 The Future of European Integration and the European Socio-Economic Model in Terms of Economic Effici DL admin
2004-05-18 Asian Economic Outlook and ADB / ADB Recruiting DL admin
2004-04-07 Excelling Globalization:Connecting Innovations from the European Union and East Asia DL admin