Upcoming Events


Event Date Title Name
2013-04-29 The New World of Asian regionalism - Trilateralism, Continentalism, and Beyond DL admin
2013-04-29 Recent Progress in the UN High Level panel on Post-2015 Development Agenda DL admin
2013-04-24 The Overseas Expansion of Companies and Its Employment Effect DL admin
2013-04-15 North Korea-China Relations in Xi Jinping Administration and a Correspondent's Insight into China DL admin
2013-04-12 UNESCO and Cultural Diversity DL admin
2013-03-29 ICT in Education and Development Cooperation DL admin
2013-03-22 Status and Challenges on Envrionment and Growth from UN Perspectives DL admin
2013-03-14 Issues Related to Human Rights and Rights-based Development DL admin
2012-12-12 Talks on European Integration DL admin
2012-11-29 Africa's Development: it's Past, Present, and the Future DL admin
2012-11-15 Diplomacy and Development Cooperation DL admin
2012-11-15 The Formation of International Trade Law DL admin
2012-11-14 Addressing Security Challenges in the 21st Century: NATO's Role in Cooperative Security DL admin
2012-11-12 Changing World Trade Envrionment and Korea's Responses DL admin
2012-10-22 Green Growth for Future Generations DL admin
2012-10-19 African Economic Outlook DL admin
2012-10-10 The Role of Civil Society in Brazil and Beyond: Democracy, Human Rights, the State and the Struggle DL admin
2012-10-06 A Research on Various Forms of Unification DL admin
2012-09-21 Why Do We Take Developent Seriously? - the Changing World and Korea's New Initiative DL admin
2012-09-18 China's New Underclass and its Consciousness DL admin