Theses by GSIS Students


Year / Month Major Title Name
2020 / February Int'l Cooperation Analyzing Japan's Rearmament and Role During the Korean War
Yeon Joo Cho
2020 / February Int'l Cooperation Linking the State and Civil Society in Global Citizenship Education: The Case of South Kroea
Ye Won Sung
2020 / February Int'l Commerce The Influence of the EU's Tax Policy on Korea's Outward Foreign Direct Investment
Soo Kyung Huh
2020 / February Int'l Commerce U.S. Hegemonic Pressure of IPR on Japan and China: A Comparative Analysis in Response to the Shift in Technology Paradigm
Hye In Kang
2020 / February Int'l Commerce The U.S.-China Trade War on Multinational Business: The case of Hyundai Motor Company's Production Shifts in China
Se Yeon Kim
2020 / February Int'l Commerce Economic Impact of Export Sophistication in Latin American Countries
Aylin Anahi Poma Veramendi
2020 / February Int'l Commerce Analysis on U.S. Countervailing Duty Measures against Chinese Subsidy Policy under the Trump Administration
Yoon Jung Jung
2020 / February Int'l Commerce A Sector Investigation of Value-Added: the Relationship Between GDP per Capita and Value-Added Export Ratio
Hyung Mo Choi
2020 / February Int'l Commerce Impact of NTMs in Service Trade: with the Application of Developed Gravity Model
Dong Ho Han
2020 / February Int'l Commerce When do Acquirer's Absorbtive Capacity Has better Performance: Different Emphasis between Acquirer and Target
Yun Jae Bae
2020 / February Int'l Commerce Cross-Country Policy Responses to Demographic Transition : Focusing on France, Germany, Japan, and France
Jean Lee
2020 / February Int'l Commerce FDI Determinants and Entry Mode Choice during the Global Fianancial Crisis: Integration of the Dual Double Diamond Model with the International Financial Perspective
Richard Kim
2020 / February International Studies (Ph.D.) [Ph.D.] Going Local For Development: Lessons from Land Reform and Mutual Accountability in South Korea, Japan,and Taiwan for Developing Countries
Bo Kyung Kim
2020 / February International Studies (Ph.D.) [Ph.D.] Arming South Korea: Restrained Arms Acquisition in Ballistic Missile Defense and Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance Capabilities (한국의 동맹안주적 무기획득패턴 연구: 제한적 미사일방어망과 정보감시정찰체계 획득을 중심으로
Bee Yun Jo
2019 / August DCPP Ghana's Economic Transformation Trajectory: An Analysis of Government's Financing and Implementations of Development Plans
2019 / August DCPP The Role of Algeria in Mediation for the Resolution of Regional and International Conflicts (1975-2015)
2019 / August DCPP Determinants of Tourism Demand in Africa 2005-2015: A Panel Data Analysis
2019 / August DCPP Comparative Analysis of Export Promotion of Rwanda and South Korea
2019 / August DCPP Comparison Between the US and the Russian Position towards the Nuclear Iranian Programme
2019 / August DCPP Effect of Agricultural Productivity on Economic Growth of the Democratic Republic of Congo from 1990 to 2014